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Candy Bar Matching Baby Shower Game w/Free Printables!

Click image for printable page. 

I had the opportunity to help plan a baby shower game for my sweet sister-in-law Lauren when we were last home for Liz’s wedding. Our due dates are exactly one month apart, and I am so excited for my little munchkins to finally have a cousin! Our Aunt Karen recommended this game to me and it was so much fun, I had to share it with you guys.

It is a pretty basic matching game. What makes it so fun is 1) the matches are adorable and 2) the person who makes the match gets to keep that candy bar, so there are tons of winners! I was a little worried that the game would take too long, but once you get going it actually goes pretty fast.

I made printables of all the cards that you can click through, but here is an example of what the matching pairs look like.

goes with…

Even if you don’t want to use my printables, below is a list of the matches so you can make your own cards!
Ring Pop — Binky
Big Hunk — Daddy
Sweetart — Mommy
Spree — Shopping for Baby Essentials
Rocky Road — Labor or Sleepless Nights
Twix — Twins
Snickers — Coos and Giggles
Mounds — Dirty Laundry
Oh Henry — Baby Boy
Baby Ruth — Baby Girl
Baby Bottle Pop — Baby Bottle
Contractions — Whoppers
Goobers — Drooling
Whatchamacallit — Baby Names
Chunky — 3rd Trimester
Runts — Preemie
100 Grand — Dr. & Hospital Bills
Lifesavers — Grandparents
Take 5 — Five Minutes to Yourself
Good and Plenty — Precious Moments
Symphony — Lullabys
Mr. Goodbar — Pediatrician

Have fun!

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