2015 Printable New Years Party Pack

Hey everyone, Vanessa from Our Thrifty Ideas here. I can’t believe that the month is almost over which means that the YEAR is almost over. That’s so crazy. But I am excited for the party; who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate!?!!

2015 New Years Party Printable Pack

So today I’m sharing a fun, festive and super easy printable with you all. For some reason I think of gold and glitter when it comes to New Years, so what better way to use those than in polka dots on the decor pieces. This New Years Party Pack is classy and fun at the same time. [Read more...]

New Years Time Capsule Printable Questionnaire for Kids

Hi It’s Annette from Tips From a Typical Mom bringing you another useful printable for your kids!

Christmas will soon be over.The kids will be worn out from playing with their new toys and eating junk food. The decorations on the tree will be hanging on for dear life, and you will be exhausted. Am I right? You know I am. Then we move on to New Years Day. Making new resolutions. Deciding to be a little better each day. Pondering on the year that has passed and reflecting on what was good, what was bad, and what you learned. Thinking about how time flies. How your children are growing up too fast. Trying to remember what they were like last Christmas. Wishing you had frozen them in time in your memory.

2014 Time Capsule for Kids

Well, I have something that will help you do just that. This printable New Years Time Capsule will help you remember what your kids where like a year before. What their favorite things were and their dreams for the future. [Read more...]

“Homemade” Christmas Fudge Easy Neighbor Gift Idea + Free Printables!

I am obsessed with this "homemade" Christmas fudge neighbor gift idea! A perfect, fun way for people to acknowledge their friends and loved ones without going crazy overboard!As you all know by now, I am a gift giver. I love it, I love it, I love it. However, sometimes this time of year just slips away so quickly and it is easy to get overwhemed/busy/distracted. Enter >> my super easy neighbor gift idea. My mom actually used this idea for our neighbors years ago when I was in middle school, and we had so much fun running them around to our neighbors. Even now, I can remember how everyone laughed over the poem and how many comments we got on them! It was a fun way to see our neighbors and spread a little Christmas cheer without going crazy baking a million brownies. Thankfully, after all that time, my mom still had the poem! So, I made a few slight alterations and whipped up some cute, Christmas printables to make this that much easier for you!

In case it’s hard to read on the photos, here is the full poem for you:

Dashing from the malls
With groceries yet to buy,
Work & kids & housekeeping,
Life’s so crazy! Why?

Our cell phones ring again,
The machine will take the call,
We have no time for social things,
It drives us up the wall.

How are you?
How’s your life?
We really want to know.
Hope you’re ready for Christmas,
Now maybe it will snow.

A day or two ago,
We thought we’d make a treat,
For all our special friends–
A Christmas gift to eat!

Our intentions were top notch,
But our schedules would not budge,
So, here’s this year’s edition of

Fun huh? I made three different two to a page printables of the whole poem, and four different options for a four to a page shortened version (see below).

**Also, as a side note, the green ink in my printer was running low, so the images below are not exactly what yours will look like (yours will be cuter, haha) click the download link for each print to see actual color quality!**

***Another side note, in the photos, I accidentally used “addition” instead of “edition” but the downloadable printables have all been updated to the correct version! Thanks for your patience!**

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Nativity Themed Free Printables

I love these nativity themed free printables! An easy, great way to keep the true meaning of Christmas central in your home! Hey everybody! Can you believe it is Thanksgiving week? Gosh this year is flying by. I have mentioned this before, but in my opinion Thanksgiving and Christmas are pretty synonymous. Both holidays remind me of my Savior, my blessings and fill me with a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness. Both holidays make me want to be with family and serve others. I feel like they both work toward the same goal of helping us reach outward and become more Christlike. I have mentioned before that since this is the first year that I have a child old enough to really “get” Christmas, we are trying extra hard to keep the Savior as the true focus. After I wrote this post, I had tons of people who didn’t have a Cricut who were interested in making a DIY Nativity board, so that kind of inspired me to create these Nativity themed free printables. Anyone can print these out and stick them in a frame. I made them black and white so that it would mesh with basically any style of decor. Literally all you have to do is print and frame them.

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