Surprise Breakfast Picnic + Free Printable Picnic Invitations

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I love this "surprise" picnic idea! The free printable picnic invites are super cute too. Great way to get together with friends with minimal cost and mess! Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you are all out celebrating with loved ones. Memorial Day always feels like the official start of Summer to me, and since schools around here got out on Thursday, I feel totally justified in that! Family outings are a bit harder now with our 3rd little still being so young, but last weekend I wanted to get the family out of the house to do something fun. We were all so. cooped. up. I wanted something that would get the little ones excited and all of us out of the house, without it being a germy/stressful atmosphere or taking a ton of prep. I decided on a “surprise breakfast picnic” and it was such a hit!

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Printable Gift Bows

Hi all you lovely Pretty Providence readers! It’s Erika, from Life Unfluffed here again to share a little printable with you! I’m excited to be here, and I can’t wait to share this little goodie with you.

The other week, I was in a huge bind. I forgot my friend’s birthday. I KNOW. I know.
But luckily, I remembered just in the brink of time, and had a gift on hand in my stash.  I just didn’t have any wrapping paper and our lunch was in an hour. Eek. Talk about pressure. So, I hurried and whipped some up on my computer (which you can read about and download on my site right now!)…Only, it was a little plain for my taste. I needed a bow stat!

printable bow template
So, I drew up a little template on a piece of paper, and then digitalized it for a nifty little download!
These bows are super easy to make–Really, all you need is the template printed off, scissors, and some glue. [Read more…]

Soda Pop Father’s Day Gift Idea

Quick and Easy Father's Day Soda Pop Gift Idea {free necktie printables from} Perfect for Fathers Day!Hi, everyone! It’s Heidi, from One Creative Mommy. I’m excited to be back on Pretty Providence today to share a quick and easy Father’s Day gift idea. All you need is the free printable, some ribbon, and Dad’s favorite soda. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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DIY Hanging Clip Frames

DIY hanging frames that look like mini clipboards! These are SO cute and easy to make.

Hey there! It’s Kelly from The Little Things and I’m very happy to be back with a cute and simple little project that would be great for a last minute Mother’s Day gift!  I got this idea from visiting my mom’s classroom a couple of weeks ago.  She has so many pictures and projects from my son all over the wall by her desk.  I wanted to make her something that would incorporate the new edition coming in September but knew that she didn’t have too much space left.  So, I went vertical and came up with this! [Read more…]