Faith Over Fear

I can’t figure out which is more frightening- the known or the unknown. I am a planner- I am not spontaneous unfortunately for my husband. I like to know what I am doing and when I am doing it at least 24 hrs in advance and most preferably a few days before. And now my family and I are in limbo, waiting on others to let us know what the future will bring us. We can’t make any decisions without knowing all the facts first. The fear of the unknown is weighing on us and at times it is crippling. In a few days we will know more facts and will be able to make more decisions but those decisions are also frightening. Has anyone else felt like this?


It is times like these where I need to remember that I shouldn’t focus on the fear. I need to have faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to even if that means it could be heartbreaking. Faith need not be solely a religious thing but can even be a spiritual or even hopeful feeling. Hope is light. Faith can be present as an ever so small speck of light in complete darkness. But there is still light. There is still faith and hope in any situation.


Everyone around us is fighting their own personal struggles. No matter what they are, we need to remember to have that little speck of light, of hope, of faith, to help us move forward. I hope this quote can help you remember to find that light and let your faith be bigger than your fears. Get yours here if you have an iPhone 5 series or here if you have a 4 series. Or if you’d like to put it up on your wall you can download this as an 8×10 print.


XOXO, Brenda

After School Checklist for Kids Free Printable

Hi, It’s Annette again! Guest posting from Tips From a Typical Mom.

We all know how hectic the house can get right after school when the kids come running in the door. They are starving and need a break from all the structure they’ve had all day. Having an after school checklist to keep them on track and get things done for the next day is a must around our house. I’m sharing it with you because I have a sneaking suspicion that you might need it too.

After School Checklist for Kids

This checklist includes : [Read more...]

Printable Modern Labels

free, modern labels you can print to use in organization all around the house! the possibilities are endless.

Hello, again! I am Brenda visiting from From Me, With Love. I can probably write down a list (a very short list) of chores we like to do around here. One that would not be on it is….doing the laundry. Sure putting it in is easy but then remembering to put it in the dryer, then actually putting it in the dryer and then folding it….. ugh. It is such a long process on a never ending cycle.

I told myself that if my laundry room was cuter I’d be sure to do the laundry more often. Not sure if that holds any truth but I will say I don’t run away from the laundry room which means it is cute enough.

free, modern labels you can print to use in organization all around the house! the possibilities are endless. [Read more...]

School Checklist printable

Hey guys, Vanessa from Our Thrifty Ideas again. Now I’m gonna get serious on you right off the bat. You guys…… it’s almost time for kids to head back to school. SERIOUSLY? I can’t believe that Summer is almost over and that we need to think about doing the BTS shopping already. I am seriously dreading it lately, because I can only imagine the multiple times we will be back and forth to the store for clothes, lunch items, school supplies and then a few more times for all the things we missed. Seriously, I’m giving myself a panic attack while typing this! I am a list person….like I have lists for everything! You should see the reminders in my phone, the notepads by my bed. The lists are kinda insane!!

Printable Back to School checklist

So today I’m sharing a printable that’s going to save my sanity, and hopefully yours too. It’s a 3 page download (in either pink or blue). One sheet for lunch/snack ideas, one for clothes shopping and one for school supplies.

If you are like me, You’ll need to get the clothes done in the next few weeks and get them all washed and ready for the 1st days of school. Lunch and snack shopping will most likely be done the weekend before school starts, and then we will wait until the kids get a list from school of exactly what is needed. We’ll get the basics (backpack, lunchbox, pencils and paper) before but I just expect that we will be making more than one trip for those supplies. [Read more...]