30+ AWESOME Free Printable Valentine Ideas!

30+ Amazing free printable Valentine Ideas! No need to buy store bought when you can print these amazing ones right on your home printer! Guys.. for the very first time ever this year I have a child who is old enough to be bringing Valentines to pass out at a school party.. ah!! Is it silly to say that I am so excited about this? It just brings such an additional fun element to Valentine’s day! Of course, being the frugal girl that I am, I wouldn’t dream of spending money on those sad store bought Valentine’s (that aren’t nearly as cute anyway) when there are a million fun Valentines I can print myself right from home! I set out to find one and there were so many amazing ones, I couldn’t choose! So I decided to round up my favorites and post them here in case any of you needed any awesome free printable Valentine ideas as well! If you have links to other Valentines you love, leave a link in the comments for the rest of us! In the meantime, happy love day prep everyone!  [Read more...]

Frozen “You’re Worth Melting For” Free Printable Valentines

Hi Everyone! It’s Annette from Tips From a Typical Mom again sharing with you one of my favorite Valentines ever! “Valentine, You’re worth melting for” from Olaf on Frozen. It’s a NON-Candy Valentine which makes it even better.

Frozen Olaf Free Printable Valentines

We love the movie Frozen. What family doesn’t, right? Well my girls told me they’re too old to be passing out Frozen Olaf Valentines, which makes me sad, I thought I’d live vicariously through you and make some for you to use! These are so easy and cute. Pair them with a mini water bottle, and you have a melted snow Valentine, instead of an unhealthy candy Valentine. Healthy and cute! I thought Olaf was the star of the show. I just loved him. And my favorite line from the movie was “Some friends are worth melting for.” Ahhh! It was so sweet it made me cry! That’s why I love these Valentines so much!

I just used my straight cutter, which is my best friend, to cut out these Frozen Olaf Valentines. I have a 12 inch Paper Cutter similar to this one. I love it. It “cuts” my time in half when cutting things out that need a straight edge. (See what I did there? So clever!) I’m a dork, I know. But that paper trimmer I linked to is even cooler because it has 3 rotary cutter blades that make a different edge. It has straight, wave and dot blades. So fun! [Read more...]

2015 Printable New Years Party Pack

Hey everyone, Vanessa from Our Thrifty Ideas here. I can’t believe that the month is almost over which means that the YEAR is almost over. That’s so crazy. But I am excited for the party; who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate!?!!

2015 New Years Party Printable Pack

So today I’m sharing a fun, festive and super easy printable with you all. For some reason I think of gold and glitter when it comes to New Years, so what better way to use those than in polka dots on the decor pieces. This New Years Party Pack is classy and fun at the same time. [Read more...]

New Years Time Capsule Printable Questionnaire for Kids

Hi It’s Annette from Tips From a Typical Mom bringing you another useful printable for your kids!

Christmas will soon be over.The kids will be worn out from playing with their new toys and eating junk food. The decorations on the tree will be hanging on for dear life, and you will be exhausted. Am I right? You know I am. Then we move on to New Years Day. Making new resolutions. Deciding to be a little better each day. Pondering on the year that has passed and reflecting on what was good, what was bad, and what you learned. Thinking about how time flies. How your children are growing up too fast. Trying to remember what they were like last Christmas. Wishing you had frozen them in time in your memory.

2014 Time Capsule for Kids

Well, I have something that will help you do just that. This printable New Years Time Capsule will help you remember what your kids where like a year before. What their favorite things were and their dreams for the future. [Read more...]