Ham and Cheese Pockets

Today I am sharing with you a recipe from my childhood. Oh how we loved my mother when she made these for us. It makes me giddy because this time when I made them I ripped one up small and gave some to Luke and he loved it already. I am going to be the best mom once I can buy his happiness with these ham and cheese pockets…oh yeah!

Here’s what you need:

 frozen Rhodes roll dough (if you are superwoman, go ahead and make your own roll dough…sigh)
ham or turkey
grated cheese
italian seasoning

*note: Yes, I have made pizza pockets. The thing is, I don’t like things soggy, so when I make them I don’t put any sauce. I think they are delicious subbing ham for pepperoni and your cheese for mozzarella, still adding the Italian seasoning. The ham and cheese are still my favorite though!

 First things first, thaw your dough. 1 roll equals 1 pocket, so plan accordingly. If your house is warm, it should only take 3-4 hours to thaw. If it’s winter, I usually pull them out the night before to make the next morning. DON’T forget to grease your pan!

Once your dough is thawed, get your assembly area ready. I like to cut up my meat first so its ready, then flour your counter top and grab your cheese and seasoning.

You are going to assemble your pockets one at a time. Grab a dough ball and roll it out. It won’t get very big, but don’t worry, they expand when baking.

Then, in the center of your roll, add your ham, cheese and seasoning (the seasoning goes a long way, don’t leave it out unless you have to!)

Pick a side and fold it over, forming a half moon. Make sure to press along the edges so their are no holes for your cheese to bubble out of. Assemble pockets on a greased baking sheet and bake according to the normal rolls times. For mine, I do 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Also, I like to sprinkle a little extra cheese or seasoning on top for a garnish.

Enjoy! I hope you made a bunch, I can promise they will go fast ;).

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