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Happy Weekend: Links to Love

Sarah’s Links to Love:
I kinda want this shirt. I’m not sure how often I’d wear it, but channeling my inner Duck Dynasty appeals to me.
This recipe for Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears looks fun and easy. I’m into that.
I love the printable templates for letter cookies here. The idea to add poppy seeds to the cookies too. Leave it to Martha to bring awesome to one of the most basic treats out there.
Eee! I am so excited for this weekend to finally be here. We’ve got it packed to the brim with fun stuff. We’re going to Galveston today to hang out on the beach. Then tomorrow we’re heading off on a quick road trip to Dallas. We have some family there we’ve been dying to visit now that we live so much closer, and we have tickets to see Ben Folds Five and Guster on Monday night! It’s going to be so great. We’re lamenting that we can’t be with our Dads on Father’s Day, something we’re not used to. Mine’s content just to watch the US Open though. That’s all he wants every year. I’ll try to call him during a commercial break :) Dads! We love you! Happy Father’s Day Weekend everyone!
Jessica’s Links to Love:

Hey guys! How was your week? Our week has been so good. You know how it seems like at any given moment at least one of your children is going through a stage (aka: teething, terrible twos, cold, crappy sleeping etc.)? I have been loving this last week because both of my kids have just been so sweet. I’m trying to enjoy them as much as possible before the next hurdle comes along :). Holy crap, it is hot where I live. We are talking over 100 degrees every day here people. I literally cannot leave my house without my hair up and I am sweating by the time I’ve got the kids in the car. It’s sick really. If anyone has any tips for living in an oven, I’d appreciate them… 

I love this idea for fabric storage. Right now I have all my extra fabric in bins under the beds in the guest room, and it totally doesn’t get utilized like it should because I forget what I have! Brilliant. 
Have any of you tried one of these cordless chargers? I l-o-v-e my iPhone excepting the fact that it runs out of battery every 2.5 seconds. Boo. I love that this cordless wonder could just stay in my car or my diaper bag for when I am out and my phone inevitably dies and then I get a flat tire and have two screaming babies. Or something like that. Doesn’t $5.70 sound a little too good to be true for this beauty?
And last but not least, as far as summer desserts go, this seems like a winner!
Have a blessed weekend!