The #BEHRBox Challenge

I love a good DIY challenge. Some of my favorite projects ever have come from being given some guidelines or specific materials to work with. So, when BEHR® contacted me to see if I wanted to do their #BEHRBox challenge it was an obvious, YES.


Behr Box Challenge!

I feel like I should add that my husband and I are obsessed with BEHR® Marquee paint. The quality is amazing (and we have tried lots of paints.) You can’t find a better paint for the price. It’s so good. Their 2018 color trends have just been announced and they are so good. The color of the year is called “In The Moment” – it’s that greyish, blueish green you see in the photos.  The challenge is to use their 2018 Color Trends palette to create a DIY project that is inspired by the items that came in my #BEHRBox. It also needs to be easy and something that can be done in one weekend. My kind of project! Two weeks from now I’ll share my DIY Pretty fun, right? It gets better. We are giving away a $100 Home Depot gift card, so if you have your wheels turning thinking about a project, you should definitely enter – more info will be at the bottom of this post!

Behr Box Challenge!

If you aren’t familiar with BEHR® it can be found at The Home Depot – and you can pick up their 2018 color palette there too! This palette is carefully chosen and this year it is based on mindful living. I like the theme because I think we all tend to just do things sometimes without thinking them through – even in our homes. When I first moved into my house I decided to paint an accent wall right away. I chose a color I loved, and I did it. That wall is still beautiful, but since then I’ve slowly decorated other rooms and there hasn’t been a lot of cohesiveness throughout the house. Part of that is indecision, and that my style and taste has changed over the years. It’s totally normal. But recently I started trying to be more mindful of my choices and paint colors, because what I ultimately want is a home full of the colors that I love, that is cohesive throughout. I don’t believe in sticking hard and fast to any decorating rules, but being mindful is key.


So what’s in my box?

BEHR® Paint samples in three colors:
– In the Moment
– Soul Search
– Quiet Time
Paint chip cards for the BEHR 2018 Color Trends palette (to no one’s surprise, I’m obsessed with the pink!)
The Home Depot® gift card
Wooster® brushes (so good)
Liberty® Hardware samples – there’s a couple of different pulls, a switch cover, a caster
Fabric swatches
Glass bottles filled with coffee beans, sand, and some beautiful shells


Behr Box Challenge!
As you may have gathered, my mindful living theme is COASTAL LIVING. I live near the gulf coast (Houston!) but I don’t usually decorate with super coastal vibes. That being said, I LOVE to mix styles – and this color palette is gorgeous so this will be a really fun challenge and I’m excited to see how my project will turn out. I’ll be posting my finished project here on October 18th.

Now to decide what to make! I will probably be sharing some updates here and there on Instagram stories so make sure you are following us over there. Have you been thinking?

Okay – now for the #BEHRBox Challenge giveaway!

Prize: $100 to The Home Depot

To enter: Leave a comment using #BEHRBox answering one or both of these questions:

If you’re in the middle of a home DIY project, what is it? If you aren’t currently working on a home project – what’s one you’ve been dreaming about!?

I will choose a winner at random on October 17th at midnight. Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada only. If winner does not reply within 24 hours a new winner will be chosen.

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    Currently planning a bathroom Reno, as well as redoing my daughter bedroom for her 11th birthday gift. #behrbox


    Dreaming of renovating our bathrooms, currently working on fixing some siding and also painting in the hallway.

    Annie Cadabona

    Working on a complete DIY tv stand project, from scratch. Hubby is building it and I designed it. #BEHRBox

    Kari Fletcher Reynolds

    Now that I’ve had my baby I want to build a hall tree I’ve envisioned for a while now. Just need to bust my miter saw out and get to work #BEHRbox

    carly bauman

    I would love to redo my girls rooms with fun paint colors!

    Lisa L

    I’d love a gorgeous white (and marble) kitchen. It’s my absolute dream project!

    Jenn E

    We are currently planning to remodel our bathrooms to make it more pleasant and maybe even more spa-like!

    Jenny B

    I have been wanting to renovate the basement and make it a liveable space!

    melanie h

    A home project I want to do is to redo my bathroom! #BEHRBox


    I am really considering redoing the kitchen particularly the walls and countertops and we could use a new stove.

    Stafford Brix

    We are in the first stages of redoing our bathrooms. Yes, two of them and I have no idea how we are going to survive :) #BEHRBox


    I’ve been painting our storage room!


    building a bookshelf!


    I just replaced our water heater which is in our laundry room, and while I was in there for three hours, I realized how ugly that room is. Now we are going to paint the whole room and add some shelving. #BEHRBox

    Marty C.

    I’m juggling a boatload of projects at the moment — painting and rescreening my porch, decorating my daughter’s first “big girl” bedroom, and converting the garage to a playroom.


    My husband and I gutted our bathroom. We are halfway through putting in a new one.


    We are about to start re-doing the stairs going down to our finished basement. They have ugly carpet that’s been there since we moved in. We are replacing the carpet with wood next weekend plus repainting the walls in that area.

    Leigh Anne Borders

    Oh my goodness are we in a project. When Hurrican Irma came thsi way, we did not lose like amny tohers but we did suffer my damage to our bathroom. Now we are in the middle of a full on DIYer project and I am praying we kmake it through it. We had planned to do it earlier, but kind of got into sooner than later. We are in the middle of doing of the floor right now.


    We are in the middle of working on our den. We are in the process of transforming it into a office/reading/bar room area. We are trying to decide on chairs, end tables, and lighting. #BEHRBox

    Joan Kubes

    I’m almost finished with my bathroom nautical theme redecorating. Just looking for a perfect seahorse to hang on the wall #BEHRBox

    The Melissa Lifestyle

    I would love to redo my cabinets #BEHRBox

    L H

    I am not in the middle of the project, but in the new year, we want to redo the paint and lighting in our bathroom. #BEHRBox


    I’d love to paint my daughter’s room. #BEHRBox


    I would like to finish our basement. We are slowly moving towards this goal. #BEHRBox

    Ashley E

    Have been dreaming about updating my porch! Currently it’s 2 mismatched (not in a cute way!) chairs and 2 tables that are incorrectly sized for the height of the chairs. I would enjoy replacing the chairs with 2-3 that match, painting one of the tables, and adding lots of potted plants. #BEHRBox

    Angela Hendricks

    I moved into my first home at the beginning of May. My family and I worked hard and made the outside gorgeous with planters, plants, and a butterfly garden but now its time to work on the inside! I really want to repaint all the rooms. They are the same colors from the last owner. All the rooms are tan or dark green and I hate it. I would love to get some pretty light colors and make my rooms look light and airy! #BEHRBox

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Hey Angela!!! You are our winner! Can I get your email address please? We need to get your address so Behr can send your gift card!

        Angela Hendricks

        That is so awesome!! Thank you so much!!! I have been dying to paint the inside of my house ever since we moved in but the yard was our first priority so this is a major blessing! Thank you!
        My email is
        Thank you so so much!

          Sarah + Jessica

          You are so welcome! yay!! we will be in touch!

          [image: Facebook] [image: Twitter] [image: Google Plus Page] [image: pinterest] [image: Instagram]


    We are working on the kitchen and the stairs/hallway. We still need to put more cupboards and storage in the kitchen, and the stairs and wall are getting painted. Thanks for this chance. :) #BEHRBox

    latanya t

    I would like to update the lighting in our kitchen #BEHRBox

    Ashley Bree Perez

    I am dreaming about painting my walls walls white with gold trim and having gold tone facets and appliances :)

    Ellie W

    We are working on a kitchen remodel, but things keep happening to push it back. Right now we’re having to replace our entire A/c and heating system. #BEHRBox

    Jan Sanderson

    Were finishing up some backyard landscaping. We are working on adding a fire pit.

    Carol Roberts clark

    redoing a bedroom #BEHRBox ive been dreaming about fixing or getting some new kitchen cabinets or building some in a spare room a closet that is

    Lindsey Tanberg

    The home project we are working on is painting our Kitchen cabinets inside and out.Thank you for this gracious giveaway! #BEHRBox

    Alina Conn

    We are currently, actually past 5 months, have been working on redoing our master bathroom. It was a builder model therefore, not the finishes I wanted and/or liked. So off we started this little, or possibly not so little :) diy project. #BEHRBox

    Christina Maddox

    #BEHRBox We are working on my sewing/crafting room and have just got done with my first coat of paint and starting my second.

    Stephanie Phelps

    We are in the middle of painting all the rooms in the house! We love #BEHRBox. One I am dreaming about doing is remodeling the kitchen! gmom2paisley at gmail dot com

    T Froemke

    #BEHRBox I’d love to repaint my bathroom, both the walls and the woodwork.


    Ok first of all this challenge looks SO fun and I cannot wait to see what you do!!

    I’m always in the middle of a project. Right now Ryan and I just built a cabinet and I’ve gone through so many different coats of paint I’m about to pull my hair out! #behrbox


    #BEHRBox After renting for the past 5 years (in 3 states) we are set to close on our forever home in November! The first project will be to paint!


    I’m currently working on the exterior of my house which is going so slow. I have to paint the bricks, shutters, and door, plus change the light, doorbell, and door handle/lock. #BEHRBox

    Maggie Ann Mafiol

    every day i wake up walk into my kitchen and think i want… not need to paint the cabinets in here! But currently i am working on some shelving in my laundry room.

    ShaNawn Strong

    I’m changing the colors in my house from dark, rich colors to calm and coastal! #BEHRbox


    We’ve just finished a partial kitchen remodel and now I am wanting to really ad some colorful accents, maybe even a full room repaint to go along with new floors and appliances. #BEHRBox

    Shirley Miller

    I’ve been dreaming of finding a bench on Craigslist to fix up and put at the end of my bed.

    Anna Pry

    i’m dreaming of adding a cute chicken coop in our backyard…does that count?! :) #BEHRBox

    HS kraftmaking

    I have been dreaming to redo our kitchen, thinking about new floor, appliances and paint.

    Katie C

    No time for it now, but the upstairs bathroom has been on my remodel list for years!

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Bathrooms are hard but SO worth it!!

    Anne Marie

    I am dreaming of redoing my kitchen – it is 16 years old and really dated. This home depot card would be a great help.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Ah! Sounds like a fun challenge!

    Colleen Boudreau

    I want to repaint my bathroom.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Always a good idea!


    I have been dreaming of making some nature-inspired artwork for our living room. Maybe one of these days.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      That’s a cool idea!

    Amanda @ lifeonlinton

    We lost our home to Hurricane Harvey and have a whole house worth of project to tackle now