Christmas Tree Hot Pads

We are so excited to introduce another wonderful contributor. Katie from Made to be a Momma is one of our beginners sewing contributors and she is seriously talented! I’m a total sewing newbie and it’s so much easier for me to do a project when I have a more experienced sewer with me, to kind of hold my hand through it. That’s how Katie’s tutorials feel, like she is in the room with you helping you out!

easy sewing project: christmas hot pads!

Hi Pretty Providence Readers! My name is Katie and I blog over at {Made to be a Momma}!  I am beyond excited to be here today and share with you my first contributor post!  I’ll be stopping by in the beginning of each month to share a beginner sewing tutorial with you!  I have had a love of crafting and sewing since I was a little girl and I fully believe that it doesn’t have to take long hours and lots of money to make beautiful things. Sometimes “Keeping It Simple” is the best. Especially if you have little munchkins the require diaper changes, food, and your loving attention EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY! :)  I wouldn’t trade it for the world though!

In honor of Pretty Providences 12 days of Christmas Series I decided to put together a fun Christmas tree hot pad. Holidays bring friends and families together and when families get together, you know there is bound to be some big meals! Why not spruce up your table with some fun kitchen decor—that can be used as well!  Want to make your own hot pad?  Follow along!Materials:
Christmas Fabric–main piece and backing piece
Strips of Christmas Fabric
Small amount of Heat N Bond
Insul-Bright Batting (found in craft stores)

I don’t have exact measurements for my project, because I know everyone will want and could use a different size hot pad.  Mine is rather large, for big dinner parties.  You could easily make yours small enough for just a hot bowl- You decide.  First you will need to determine how big of a hot pad you want.  Following the directions of your Heat N’ Bond cut out strips of your desired fabric to the size you want your Christmas tree.  I decided to pick three different fabrics and went one after another.

Heat N Bond

Strips of Fabric

Decide how big your want your Christmas tree and following the directions of your Heat N’ Bond package apply it to your tree fabrics and cut out your strips, iron them to your square piece of fabric. Zig-zag or straight stitch around the edges of the tree’s “branches”.  If you want a border around your tree continue on with the following steps.  If not, read down to the part where I start talking about a backing piece.  Lay your square onto another piece of fabric ( for me it’s the polka dot fabric).  Position it so it’s laying flat and straight.  I zig -zag stitched  my piece to the polka dot fabric without cutting the polka dot fabric.  I cut it to size after I sew it on.  It helps  give me a little more wiggle room in case I don’t sew it exactly in the middle of a piece that’s already cut perfectly.  I sew it on to the fabric and then size the Christmas tree as a whole with its background. Make Sense?


Zig Zag Stich Around Border

Once you have cut your hot pad to the size your desire,  you need to cut two pieces of Insul-bright batting and a backing piece–a piece of fabric that will be on the backside of your hot pad.–  Pick something pretty so it can be a reversible hot pad!  You could even put a Thanksgiving theme piece on the back and then have a two in one hot pad!

All Pieces

Sandwich your pieces together.  Lay your two pieces of batting down.  Place your Christmas Tree Material on top and finally lay your backing piece of top—making sure it’s right sides together with your Christmas Tree.


Stitch around your hot pad, making sure you leave a small gap for turning.  Turn your project right side out and top stitch closed! Perfect!

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    I was *just* telling my husband how I needed new hot pads :) I can’t wait to try my own!

    I would love it if you linked up with our party this week!

    Kirstie Semler

    So cute! I definitely want to make these for christmas! Maybe even as gifts!

      Katie @ Made to be a Momma

      Thanks Kirstie! I am so glad you like it! :)

    Sarah @ Pretty Providence

    I love this Katie! It looks easy enough that I could try it. I think the idea of having one Thanksgiving side and one Christmas side is genius!

      Katie @ Made to be a Momma

      Thanks Sarah! I love when things can be used more than once! :)

    Amber @ DessertNowDinnerLater!

    This is SOO CUTE! I love it!

      Katie @ Made to be a Momma

      Thanks so much Amber!