DIY Leather Pocket

DIY Leather Pocket


Hello! Sara here from the Stripes and Polka Dots blog  to bring you another fabulous beginner sewing tutorial. Many of you probably remember me from the SewLOVED blog. What most of you probably didn’t know is that I am a twin to one of the other Pretty Providence contributors. Her name is Hanna. We’re each others best friend, and with our love for creating and blogging we decided to join forces. You can now find us both over at the Stripes and Polka Dots blog where you will experience everything from home and crafts, to lifestyle and motherhood. Come pay us a visit sometime!

Today however, lets talk sewing.

First off, can I just say how addicted I am to leather! I just bought 2 yards of black faux leather from and have big plans for it. With leather being rather trendy this year I thought I’d share a quick tutorial on how to turn a basic t-shirt into a chic and modern wardrobe staple. All you need is a t-shirt, a scrap of leather (I use a black faux leather fabric from Joanns), baby powder, a needle and thread.

DIY Leather Pocket
[ Click to Download Pocket Pattern PDF]

For those of you are overwhelmed by the idea of making your own pocket, I’ve provided a FREE printable pattern of the one I created. Simply print, cut it out, then trace it onto your piece of leather. Once you have cut your pocket out, place it where you would like on your shirt. I used 2 pins to hold the pocket in place, but be careful pinning as the pins will leave small holes in the leather. You can also use temporary adhesive or tape to secure the pocket in place while you sew around it.

DIY Leather Pocket

However, before you begin sewing take the baby powder and rub some on the top of the leather. It doesn’t have to be much, but this allows the leather to pass easily through the sewing machine without sticking. Once you have finished sewing around the edges, wipe the baby powder off with a damp wash cloth.

With little time or effort at all, you too can spice up any top with a touch of leather!

And for all you leather lovers out there, be sure to also check out my DIY leather peter pan collar HERE.

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    Colleen Pastoor

    So Simple! I’ve sewn with leather before and been frustrated with it sticking… baby powder is a great idea!

    Sarah @ Pretty Providence

    I am obsessed with leather too! I’ve been meaning to go find some at the fabric store so I can do something with it. Now I’m extra motivated!

    Allison T

    This is great! Gives any top a bit of character. I love this and the baby powder trick!