DIY: Valentine’s Party Favor Garland

Party garland with cupid's arrows made from pixie stix. After the party take the arrows down and give them out as favors!


Every time one holiday ends and another one is impending, I start itching to make some kind of garland to hang up in my house. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Valentine’s Day on it’s own is a fun holiday (and I’ve never understood why so many people hate it) but it holds a place in our home especially, because it’s the anniversary of our first date! This year we’ll be celebrating 5 years together. That date was so magical, my husband even made two different dinner reservations for that night and let me pick since he didn’t know where I’d rather go!

So, for this banner I decided to make cupid’s arrows with pixie stix and clip them up onto string. I thought this would make a really fun Valentine’s Day party decoration, then after the party you can take the arrows down and hand them out as party favors! Clean up made easy. The arrows alone could also taken to a kid’s school for their Valentine exchange.

Cupid's arrow party supplies

Here’s what you need:

Baker’s Twine

Paper crafting glue or glue stick

Pixie Stix or Striped Straws

Various pretty paper

Xacto knife and glass cutting mat OR scissors

Mini Clothespins

cutting mat

Cut out heart shapes and feather shapes with xacto kniife or scissors.

Side note: I just got this glass cutting mat and crafting knife from We R Memory Keepers (as we’re part of their Lifestyle Studios team) and I can’t believe how much easier it is to cut out shapes and stuff. These two things are really affordable too, together they cost about $20!

Cut two slits in the middle of feather shape, one about 1/4 from the top and one 3/4 from the top.

Glue outside sides of hearts onto one end of the Pixie Stix.

Put Pixie Stix through the feather. Cut little slits in the sides of the feather shape however you like.

Pixie Stix arrows for Valentine's Day

Use mini clothespins to pin arrows onto a string of baker’s twine. Voila!

Valentine's party favor banner | when the party's over you can take down the candy arrows and give them out as party favors!

I liked the Pixie Stix arrows so much that I decided that I needed arrow party straws too. For these you just need the feather top part. When it’s time to use them to drink people can either take the feather off or just slide it down a little!

Cupid's arrow party straws for Valentine's Day

If you want to up your paper crafting game, you can use the code: PRETTY to receive 20% off your order, anytime from We R Memory Keepers and the LifeStyle Craft products!

Pretty Providence

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This post is not sponsored but we did receive product from Lifestyle Crafts \ We R Memory keepers to use in paper crafting, and in exchange they give y’all a sweet discount on anything you purchase in their online shop! This may be linked up.

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    I love that you can hand them out when the party is done. So cute!

    Nina Yang

    Super duper cute arrows!! Can’t wait to try it myself!

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Thanks Nina!

    Andrea Worley

    these are so fun, looks like something I could make with my daughter.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Yes, totally! My nephews loved the pixie stix arrows :)