25+ Fun and Easy Kids Activities

Fun and easy kids activities! Great ideas to keep your kids entertained when they are out of school, etc!

Hello friends!! My little ones are home for the summer now, which if you are anything like me is super fun and a little stressful all at the same time! I’ve been brainstorming ideas of fun and easy activities that I can do with my two, four, and five year old littles, that we can all make or prepare together! We have had so much fun trying out a bunch of these kids activities, and then it’s great because after they are prepared the kids will spend a bunch of time playing with them and I can get in a quick shower or some lunch! Haha! You Mamas of young kids KNOW what I am talking about!

These activities are totally NOT season sensitive and would work just as well in the winter time if your kids are cooped up inside freezing cold! Most of the activities I picked cost little to nothing to execute, and use many supplies that you will have on hand already!

You ready for some great ideas?!

1.) Homemade Playdough
Hands down the BEST homemade playdough recipe ever! It is just the right consistency and it lasts for months! Highly recommend.

















2.) Magic Ice Cubes These "magic" ice cubes are a perfect EASY summer activity for little ones!























3.) Homemade Bubble Solution


4.) Ice Cream in a Bag

Fun and easy ice cream in a bag recipes and tutorial! Such a perfect summer family activity!5) DIY Superhero Cape


IMG_78416.) DIY Mini Cornhole

screen-shot-2017-06-03-at-11-19-50-amIMG_6913PP7.) Printable Popcorn Box Color Pages printable coloring popcorn boxes for family fun and movie night

printable coloring popcorn boxes for family fun and movie night

8.) Easy Kids Slime


9.) DIY Art Dice


10.) DIY Rock Collector Kit


11.) Salt Painting


12.) Zoo Scavenger Hunt


13.) How to Build the Best Blanket Fort


14.) Backyard Movie Night

on my summer bucket list! backyard movie night! grab an air mattress + laptop and have a fun movie night in your backyard!

15.) 10 Minute Finger Paint


16.) Easy Octo Pops


17.) Learning Shapes Playdough Mats


18.) Printable Picnic Invites

I love this "surprise" picnic idea! The free printable picnic invites are super cute too. Great way to get together with friends with minimal cost and mess!

19.) Color Scavenger Hunt


20.) Nerf Playground


21.) Mini Aquarium in a Bottle


22.) DIY Marble Run


23.) DIY Fidget Spinners


24.) DIY Dream Catchers


25.) Crystal Stars


Pretty fun ideas right?! I would love to know what your favorite ones are. Also, if you have links to any other fun kids activities please leave them in the comments! It’s always so nice to have tried and tested ideas that other Mamas can vouch for!

Happy playing friends!






Really great tips in here for taking young kids out to eat successfully! I had never thought of some of these before!

Taking Kids Out to Eat

Teach young children responsibility with this simple chore chart for kids! {OneCreativeMommy.com} Free printable

Simple Chore Chart For Kids

Summer Reading Chart

Summer Reading Chart


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