Happy Weekend: Links to Love

Jessica’s Links to Love:

Earlier this week I finished reading this book. There is no better/worse feeling in the world than finishing a great book. Especially the last one in an epic 14 book series…are you guys shocked that I’m a fantasy nerd?

Please will someone ooh and ahh with me over the adorableness of this folding chair makeover?

I am a bit OCD about everything being in its proper spot. One thing that drives me nuts is random cords (ex: from TV to outlet) and we have them everywhere. I liked this solution.

A good reminder.

A great song.

Sarah’s links to love:

I have still been longing to make a leisure book and I think I want to do it with these moleskines. Such a great price too!

This t-shirt is funny and very true.

I want my next home to look like this. The natural light. The wood floors. The everything!

Also, we got to visit with each other shortly this week! For those who don’t know, we live on opposite ends of Utah, it’s a 4.5 hour driving distance. Since I (Sarah) decided to head on an impromptu trip to Las Vegas, I made a stop at Jess’s on the way and on the way back. Short and sweet visits they were. I am hoping to go back again in April, for a longer stay this time. She lives in the warm part of Utah — so much nicer than my freezing part! Also she has cute babies for me to goo and gah over.

I am excited for this weekend because I have absolutely no plans for it. Those are the kind I need once in a while! Do you have big plans or plans to do nothing?

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