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Buenos días! How has your weekend been you guys? 

Mine has been really, really nice. My husband and I were invited to teach a workshop for the youth at our church yesterday, so Friday night after he got home we started making the finishing touches on our plan. We worked on it til bedtime, kind of just bouncing ideas off of each other, reading scriptures and talks, etc. Then we woke up in the morning and tweaked it a little more before heading out. I was already feeling so peaceful having not turned on the TV or music, or looking at Twitter for a day. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you need quiet time. You know? Anyway, the workshop went amazing! We were so impressed with the 16-17 year-olds we met. We took this huge bowl of candy, thinking that we could bribe them into participating and staying engaged, but honestly we didn’t even need it! These were the best teenagers ever. After that we decided to go the the temple to top off our day. It’s been a peaceful, spiritual weekend and I am just overflowing with good feelings. I love my faith!

So, I thought I’d share some links to quotes I love today.

Ira Glass on Marriage

Ira Glass on Marriage

Apologizing doesn't always mean you're wrong.

Apologizing doesn’t always mean you’re wrong.

Never suppress a generous thought.

Never suppress a generous thought.

What Susie says of Sally


Pretty Providence


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    Inner Loop Adventures

    I love, love, love the saying about what someone says about you says more about them than it does of you. I remind myself of that all the time :) To keep myself in check, and to deflect what others say.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Right?! It’s so hard to remember because I think as women we all want to vent and it can so easily get out of hand. I used to hang with a group of girls and every time we’d have dinner I left feeling like crap because all we did was gossip! I had to slowly separate myself because it was so negative. Of course it wasn’t just them, it was me too…

    Whitney H

    Wait, did you come to the Temple in Spring?! Please say yes! It’s right down the road from my house!

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Yeah girl! I was telling my husband that you said you lived close and I wanted to call you but it was after 10 when we left & I figured I’d see you tomorrow anyway. So excited by the way!!! :D