How To Save Hundreds Per Year On Your Hair!

how to save hundreds of dollars per year on haircuts + coloring!

I have had countless people ask me what my secret is for getting my hair to grow so long, for having such healthy looking hair, etc. To be honest, I have never really thought of my hair as particularly healthy, split ends are rampant, but if it looks okay to the outside eye I’m not complaining. I only have one secret: I’m cheap. I’ve spent an average of $30 a year on my hair for the past six years. Are you guys listening? Not saved $30 a year. Spent $30 a year, total. And you can, too! 

the case for growing out your hair: save hundreds of dollars a year on trims and other maintenance!

This girl used to spend about $85 on haircuts with color maybe five times per year, which with tips adds up to almost $500. That was back in high school when there were few other expenses I had to pay for on my own. When I went off to college freshman year I realized that my hair appointments were going to be too expensive to keep up with, so with no alternative I grew out my color and started waiting a while in between trims. I was lucky to always have friends in hair school during that period of life so I could always to go them and pay around $10 each time. With long hair I didn’t feel a need to trim as often and fell into a pattern of going twice, or maybe three times a year.

how to save hundreds of dollars per year on haircuts + coloring!

I have always heard that one should get a trim every 6 weeks. That is, collar bone and shorter haircuts should get trimmed ever 4-6 weeks, collar bone and longer should get trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Well, I simply couldn’t afford it. However, my hair continued to grow longer and stay relatively healthy. Last time I had a haircut (September 2013) I had gone over a year since my last one. At that point the ends were looking pretty bad when it was straight but if I curled it they looked fine so that’s what I usually did.  I should also mention that I don’t really use products on it, which I think helps. I use regular drugstore shampoos and conditioners like garnier fructis, aussie or dove. I rarely use hairspray, if I do it’s just a light spritz. I think this no-nonsense approach really does keep it strong and healthy.

how to get your hair to grow faster + save money

Some people are just not going to give up their salon time to save money. I totally get that and more power to you, if that is important to you! We all like to get pampered. I’m also not saying that hair care isn’t worth spending money on, because like I mentioned before I have a lot of friends who do hair who are talented at what they do, can stand up for 10+ hours a day and manage to be friendly to everyone. Their services are worth every penny if  you’ve got the pennies in the budget. I just personally like to spend my extra cash on food and vacations, so hair costs are what I have decided to cut back on and it works for me. :D So if you want to grow your hair out, try my method of not trimming it for six months. I bet you’ll see some results, and save some cash in the process!

Pretty Providence


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    Keri Hat

    I am growing mine out, getting it trimmed every other month. About a quarter inch each time by my guy. I also do S&D on split ends in between. I have stopped using the blow dryer and straightening iron and I use a leave in conditioner. Started using Argan oil last winter. It really helps keep it smooth and soft.

      Jessica @ Pretty Providence

      No way? Thanks for the awesome tips! Good luck with the growing out!!

        Keri Hat

        Thank you :)

        And I have you beat with the $$ savings. I have not paid so much as a nickle to have my hair cut/trimmed in nearly three years. Teach your guy if he does not already know, how to trim your hair. Youtube videos are awesome, and 1/4 trims are within the capability of just about any guy. Especially one that loves long hair, and frankly what guy doesn’t? If he knows you will keep those long locks he loves to play with and you won’t be coming home from the salon with most of your hair chopped off, I think most guys would think that is a great deal. Do be sure that he uses good quality hair shears, no kitchen cutlery near this lady’s locks.


    Every time I get my hair cut, my stylist will comment on how healthy my hair is, and honestly, my tip is to cut out heat. I don’t blow dry ever, which I understand can be hard, but a little planning ahead can help this. And I rarely use a straightener or curling iron. If I want my hair curly or wavy, I will wrap it up while it’s damp and sleep on it. I have gone a whole year without cutting my hair and I won’t have any split ends! My hair is about halfway down my back. For anyone who wants to grow her hair out, I recommend cutting out (or cutting back) heat.

    Katie @ Made to be a Momma

    I have long hair too and let it “go” for quite a few months at a time! I have just started using Dry Shampoo and I love it so far! I love long hair but I hate taking the time to try it everyday…not healthy either…

    Colleen Pastoor

    I’ve just started getting mine coloured, but I’ve always been a 3 times a year appointment. I’m lucky enough to have a girlfriend who’s a hairdresser so that helps save $$$, but not having bangs has made a huge difference in how long I can put off going.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Oh I know right! I got bangs for a while in college and loved them for a few months but hated going back for trims. Luckily they were free between cuts but I decided to grow them back out and it’s taken forever! It is a fun way to change it up though :)

    Inner Loop Adventures

    I’m trying to get to where you are cost-wise! It’s frustrating that haircuts are so expensive in Houston ($75 for cut only!). Do you shampoo every day? I’m trying to shampoo every other day, and I think that’s helping with the health. And I treat myself to an egg yolk treatment once and a while. Now that’s a cheap special conditioner!

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      I usually only shampoo every other or every third day. That might help a lot actually. It’s how I’ve done it my whole life because I have super dry skin and if I use soap and shampoo more than that it really bothers my skin & scalp!