How To Throw a Dinner Party for 12 – Under $50!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to throw my first real dinner party. There were going to be 12 people attending and I knew I wanted to make it a fancy one and have a really good meal. I decided to make my food budget $50 and I spent absolutely nothing on decor, and instead borrowed some things from my sweet and generous mother-in-law and relied on my party supply stockpile as well. I will kind of explain right now what I did for the menu and in the next week or two I will share the actual recipes I used.



Pot Roast
Broccoli Gruyere Au Gratin
Bacon Wrapped Potatoes with Dill Sauce
Salad, Dinner Rolls and Dessert

I made the main dinner, my friend Courtney brought a salad and two other friends brought desserts. I also warmed some frozen home-made rolls my mom had given me a week before. I always know I can count on my friends to offer to bring something and that always helps a lot when you’re hosting a gathering!

So, for the groceries. I bought a 6 lb chuck roast from Costco for $25 – this could probably be found much cheaper when it’s on sale, but I planned this party on somewhat short notice and this week there weren’t any sales on it but it still fit the budget. I also bought 1/2 a pound of gruyere cheese for $8. Pricy cheese, but worth it! The broccoli was $6.50 in a giant bag at Costco as well, the potatoes were less than $2 for a a 10 lb bag and the dill sauce was all made from things I had on hand. The grand total for groceries came to: $41.50. Not bad for feeding 12, and we even have tons of leftovers, bonus!

In this post I talk a lot about how to throw a party without breaking the bank. I already mentioned that I used stockpiled party supplies, borrowed things, and that I had friends offer to help. I also saved on invitations just by making up a digital invitation and sending it as a picture message to my friends instead of mailing. They all said they loved it that way because they already had all of the info they needed when they forgot the time or the address! After that, I learned about an app called Red Stamp which is supposedly great for that. I will have to try it next time!

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