How to Wash and Easily Re-Use Swim Diapers

How to Wash and Easily Re-Use Swim Diapers!Sometimes I don’t know if the money saving tips I share are super obvious commonly known information.. or not. Because of that, sometimes I hesitate to share things that I do to save myself money at risk of you all being like, “duh! Everybody knows that, loser.” As if any of you would ever say that, because in all seriousness, we have the best readers ever. Anyway the other day I casually mentioned that I wash and re-use swim diapers to a few of my friends and they were all so mad I hadn’t told them before! So, I figured I didn’t want to upset any of my internet besties, and I better tell you all right away.

Diapers are expensive enough (especially if you’re diapering two little nuggets, like me. Yikes!) but swim diapers are enough to break your back and your spirits. A teeny, tiny bag will run you $10.00 and if you live in the blazing hot 110 degree weather (also like me) than you basically have two bums you need swim diapered every day.

The good news is my trick is super easy. Like stupid easy. You ready for the details?

How to Wash and Easily Re-Use Swim Diapers! All you do is wash your swim diapers in the washing machine like normal. Before you ask, no, I do not re-use messy diapers, only wet ones. Because.. don’t be silly, you know why. When we get back from the pool, sprinklers, splash pad or whatever I just throw the kids used swim diapers in the washing machine with their used towels. Put the laundry detergent in like normal and run your normal cycle. Then, hang or lay out your diapers to dry. I repeat DO NOT DRY in the dryer! As long as you don’t try them I have been able to wash and re-use the same swim diaper ten times!

The above picture shows a swim diaper that I have washed about 5x next to a brand new diaper of the same pack. You can see that the re-used diaper is a little bit crinkly, but that is literally the only difference! They don’t stretch out or lose their absorbancy, as far as I’ve noticed.

How to Wash and Easily Re-Use Swim Diapers! Here is a picture of the inside of a diaper I just washed, looks brand new, right?

How to Wash and Easily Re-Use Swim Diapers! Happy swimming and money saving friends!


How to Wash and Easily Re-Use Swim Diapers!

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    This is freaking awesome!


    I used to do this all the time, Jessica! Works like a charm. (I agree. Just for wet diapers!)


    An even better idea is to buy an actual reusable swim diaper. It’s washable for way more than 10 uses, super cute and can be used for multiple kids.

      Jessica @ Pretty Providence

      I totally have those too! It might be just me, but my local pool requires three layers, swimsuit, reusable swim diaper and disposable, weird right? Plus I know this is immature but I always worry that they will #2 in the real ones.. Ugh! Haha. Great idea though!


        Ugh. Yes my son has to wear 3 layers to his swim lessons. GRR! :) But the cloth ones hold in poop really well and they are so easy to clean. Love my cloth diapers :)

    Carrie @ Kenarry: Ideas for the Home

    NO WAY! I had no idea you could wash and reuse swim diapers. You just saved me so much money this summer — thank you!

    Jessica @ Pretty Providence

    Haha I know right?! So nice!

    Colleen Pastoor

    Oh my goodness! We go through these things like crazy… I can’t believe they’re reusable. Just genius.

    Better From Scratch

    You are seriously a GENIUS! How have I not known about this before? I feel like I need to call every mom I know to make sure they know about this trick!

    Megan Pace

    This tip is gold! I accidentally washed and dried a regular diaper once, and I was amazed at how well it held up. I didn’t reuse that because it just seemed weird, but it makes perfect sense with a swim diaper. Pinning!

      Jessica @ Pretty Providence

      Yay!! Ya regular diapers have tons if stuff between layers for absorbency and swim diapers are more clothy! Good luck trying it out!!

    Pam from Over the Big Moon

    This is genius!! Pinning, because really, everybody needs to know about this! ;)