Our Week in Pins and Photographs

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I am dying to throw a Halloween party. So, this week’s pins are Halloween themed. It seems like the ideas I’m usually drawn to are ones that are so simple and easy. I love the gummies in the ice cubes idea. I think I’ll freeze them in lemonade and put them in sprite.  Mmmm.  Thanks Martha

Okay get this… dollar store fangs spray painted silver! Perfect, am I right? I think they would go really well as labels by food on a buffet table too. Thanks Paper Chick
I have had such a good week. I feel like I took a step back and took time to rest, time to play with my sweet boy, time to read, time with my love, and yet somehow I was still got dinners made and things done around the house. These weeks never happen and I am grateful for this one. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated, which is good because I think next week will be the busiest one we’ve had in awhile. 
We are spoiled and most days Daddy gets to come home for lunch. On Wednesday when he was home he decided to build Luke a fort (complete with guest room mattress) and I (yes, me and my OCD) left it up until this afternoon. We all had so much fun playing in there. I love forts.
If you wanna keep up with me during the week I’m on Instagram as baije1. Have a great weekend everybody!
I love this idea! Mini Hershey’s kiss pies. This looks so easy, and I’m sure they are delish. Thanks, Picky Palate!
This is such a good idea for entertaining too. Place cards just by writing a name on a doily and then placing it under a clear plate! Having clear dishes would actually open up a window to put anything cool under a the plate as decoration or place card! I love it. Doilies are always good in my book. Thanks, Intimate Weddings!
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Yesterday we scored some free tickets to the BYU vs. Utah State football game. I normally do crossword puzzles if football is on at home but since husband attends BYU I went and cheered on the Cougars like any good wife would do. It was really fun! and kind of chilly! And they have super long maple bars called cougar tails! (They are like 18 inches long) Now we’re excited to be watching General Conference this weekend. What will y’all be up to?
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    I’ve mostly been watching conference too and enjoying relaxing! Love that cheap cool fang idea and the pretty doilies under plates – obsessed!

    haircutandgeneralattitude.blogspot. Com