Plum Paper Designs Giveaway!

plum paper planners -- just like the erin condren planners but better and CHEAPER! only $31!

There are few things that relieve stress for me more than sitting down and planning my week, making lists, and generally getting my hot mess of a head a little more organized. I used to think I didn’t need a planner. I used a regular notebook and made lists when I needed to. It worked fine, but last year in a funny twist I was accidentally sent a planner in the mail. I called the company it came from and they told me just to keep it and that they’d send a new one to the right person. Score! I decided to fill it out and see how it worked for me, and it turns out I AM A PLANNER PERSON. I used that thing all year. So when January rolled around this year and it was out of pages I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

planner by plum paper

I actually googled looking for an inexpensive but awesome planner and found it at an etsy shop called Plum Paper. I am such a fangirl of this shop now that I asked them if I could do a review and give a planner away to one of you, and they were all for it! They have beautiful designs that you can personalize in so many ways, and they start at $31! So these pretty things will not break the bank.

You can choose:

what month you want to start in (something I’ve never heard of in other planners!)

days broken down into morning/afternoon/evening, 30-minute increments or just a full day with lines

to add extra note pages or extra months if you want and they have tons of other add-ons like a section for home, family, sales, fitness, wedding, baby, blog planning, etc. for only a few more bucks!

blog planner - by plum paper on etsy!

So who wants to win one of these dope planners?! You will get to choose your design and personalization details. Here’s how to win: Visit Plum Paper on Etsy and follow the entries using the rafflecopter below. Contest is open to U.S. and Canada only. Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, February 25th and notified by email! Also, if you just can’t wait to order one, you can get 10% off with code PRETTY10 at checkout!

planner by plum paper
[If you can’t see the rafflecopter widget just click the link! Sometimes they are finicky.]


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    My favorite is the multicolored chevron family planner!


    I’d love any of the family planners! They’re all so cute!

    Allison B

    I would love to win any of them but I am obsessed with chevron at the moment so I would probably pick that for my cover. Either the regular with the week days not divided by morning/afternoon/evening or the family planner one~they are all so awesome though!

    Ashley C

    I’d love the Family planner with lavender and peach butterflies


    Holly E

    I love the 2015 white planner with the orange flowers.

    Dawn Keenan

    I love the 2015 planner with the turquioise hearts.

    Kelli G

    I love the 2015 planner with the multicolored herringbone pattern- so cute!

    Meeble Feeble

    I love the fitness planners. time to kick this butt into shape

    Brittany Koelmel

    I love all of them! Cant choose just one!:)


    Had fun connecting with you at BYBC!!! Any of them – they are so pretty!


    I would love the regular planner with the lines! I can’t pick which cover though!! they’re all so pretty!!


    Haha, me again, I’d love to win the family planner!


    I love planners!


    There’s so many to choose from! I can’t decide if I would like a Family Planner, or the regular Planner with the week being all on one page. I like the idea of the first page being for lists and notes.

    Marissa Johnson

    I love the design you made Sarah! Looks great!


    I would get a regular planner. Anything to help me stay somewhat organized!

    Nicole M

    I love the washi tape

    Angela W

    2015 Family Planner

    Leigh Anne Borders

    I like the monogrammed planner.


    I’d love to have the 2015 chevron family planner!

    Alexis Tanner

    I would love to get a years worth of the blogging planner pages! I also love the Chloe family planner.


    With 6 children, if its not written down, we miss it! I need all the help I can get!


    I love the herringbone teacher planner!


    I love love the chevron one. Thank you so much.


    OH HOW ADORABLE!!! I would choose the one with the little triangle banner on it!


    So many cute options! I would probably get one with a monogram on it. They are too cute!


    I want the gold one with the name Sophie on the front of it. Of course I will also need extra “notes” and “things to do” sheets every month. These are REALLY cute!


    I love the whale version!

    Lauren Watson | Native Texan L

    I like the washi tape looking gold one!


    Loving the 2015 Family Planner with the chevron pattern. Love the colors.

    Megan f

    I would love to win a family planner!!

    Hazel Garcia

    Cool! I have been trying to find a planner that I like and have not found one yet. I would love to try this one!

    Dejah Whetten

    I love the honeycomb one!


    I like the turquoise blue chevron planner


    I love that they have a strong coil. My biggest complaint about planners is the coil always gets ruined being in my purse! I would love a family planner with the navy striped front!

    Sarah kemp

    I’ve Been wanting the teacher planner for next year!


    I love the family planners. I’d probably choose the polka dots, but they all look great!

    Alyssa Tsuchiya

    The ones with the customizable picture and navy chevrons is cute.

    Amanda @ The EA Guide to Life

    OMG! They’re all so pretty… I can’t decide which I like best!

    Amber B

    Beautiful! What a great organizational tool. :) Love the stripes and personalization.

    Anne Marie

    Love the chevron cover planner.

    Ruth Byers

    The geometric teal and orange planner with name and monogram is so cute! But there are almost too many options to choose from, haha!

    Lauren Donahue

    I love the blue and green flowery patterned one! Just my style!

    april v

    I want to win the zigzag monogrammed 2015 family planner!