Sarah’s Little Tiny House Tour: Details + DIY’s

Yay! This is the part of the house tour (see part one here) where I take y’all through the details of my home. Decorating on a tiny budget can be frustrating and renting doesn’t exactly help either. What can you do about the super pale yellow walls? Nothing. Okay, or maybe you cheat and paint one wall midnight blue knowing full well you’ll have to paint it back pale yellow when you move. See below. It was worth it for me to keep my sanity… I think. Keep scrolling to see where I got my items and inspiration!

I teamed up with one of Jess’ and my BFF’s Courtney or Ceebee, who is an amazing photographer. She took my wedding photos and now has helped me document my first home, and she’s got style. If you need a photographer in Utah she’s your girl. She is also something of an instagram celeb actually, you should follow her! Tons of goodness!

Behold my favorite vintage plate, gifted to me by a friend who went to Europe and brought it back here for me to proudly display. The tiny frame that sat on top of my wedding cake instead of the usual bride and groom topper. I found the all of the frames I own at either the thrift store, dollar store, or in a few cases IKEA. Those little tea light candles are just wrapped with washi tape.

Next my beloved west elm rug which was a birthday gift, and literally the only thing I have purchased for my home that cost more than $25 – it was still 50% off. That pillow adorning the pink hand-me-down chair from the in-laws is just an ugly pillow wrapped in a pretty scarf.

I found this teacup at an antique store a few weeks ago for $1. Yes please.

Ahhh. The turquoise kitchen counter and beautiful 60’s orangey stained cabinets! To be completely honest I am in love with the turquoise kitchen counters and I plan on someday replicating them in my dream home. It’s my favorite color in the world. I kind of want to take the super old matching oven with me too! The tray I’m using as a backsplash is from this TV tray I fixed up.

I love pulling items meant to be used one way and using them in out-of-the-box ways. It’s more of a challenge and keeps things interesting! What kinds of things do you re-purpose around your house in decorating? I want to hear all of your good ideas!

I’ve got one more details post coming next week!Β 
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