Sarah’s Little Tiny House Tour: More Details + DIY’s

I believe that making a place feel like a home instead of just another rental is all in the details. It’s the frames you display with photos of your friends and your family in them. It’s the gifts your friends thoughtfully give you that you genuinely love to see up on your shelf! That is what makes a space into a place I love to be. Also, being the thrifting lover that I am, every time I look at something I got for a fraction of what it would cost at retail? That feels good too.

I teamed up with one of Jess’ and my BFF’s Courtney or Ceebee, who is an amazing photographer. She took my wedding photos and now has helped me document my first home, and she’s got style. If you need a photographer in Utah she’s your girl. She is also something of an instagram celeb actually, you should follow her! Tons of goodness!

One of my favorite accessories is the old telephone I painted pink (only half showing here) and that little suitcase on the shelf? It’s a puzzle box.

One of my most awesome friends embroidered one of my text messages and gave it to me for Christmas and it makes me smile every time I see it. (‘Shake Your Peace’ is a band we both loved.)

Now the desk. This desk is one of my proudest yard sale purchases. It was already that color, so I didn’t do anything to it. I paid a whopping $19 for that beaut. The gold frame above it was saved from my friend’s Mom’s goodwill pile a few years ago, and you might remember my DIY Chalkboard, Honey Bear Bookends and my Julia Childs cookbook right?

Thanks for sticking with me through all these House Tour posts! I hope you liked them as much as I liked sharing them. It’s always so fun for me to share something personal. xoxo,
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