Spider Web Pie!

Hooray for day three of Halloween week! Today I am sharing with you a project so easy it’s scary.. bahaha. I’m funny guys. J/k. I know that wasn’t funny. The thing is, it’s late at night. My kids didn’t nap today. So, in this state of delirious tiredness, I make lame jokes and then leave them in my posts even though no one will think they are funny. Oh ya, and I ramble. I am awesome.
ANYWAY… On to the post! You guys know that I am all about e-a-s-y. With two kids under two years, simple is often best in my life. I love this spider web pie because it is fun, festive and delicious without taking hours.
Here’s how to recreate it:


1) Get a pie. If you don’t want to make one, buy one.

2) Spread a thin layer of whipped cream over the top of your pie.
3) Take your chocolate sauce and make this circle pattern in your pie (see below)

4) Take a toothpick or the back end of a spoon, and starting at the circle in the middle drag through all three lines until you reach the edge.
5) Repeat this until you’ve made dragged lines through your entire pie, a little bit apart.
6) Garnish with scary dollar store spiders!
Super fun right? My two year old loved it and my husband loved the pie. In full disclosure I should admit that I have already made spider web pie twice this year and it is only October 1st. The reason for this is two fold, firstly, my original pictures stunk and secondly my boys were big fans and, you know, I like to brown nose.
I hope this treat will spruce up your Halloween festivities!

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    Kami Brough Kilgore

    Adorable idea! I’m getting excited for Halloween.

    Bree Pair

    These pictures are gorgeous! So pinterest worthy. :) Love the pie!