Spring Buds Vase Filler

Hello Pretty Providence readers! This is Shonee from Hawthorne and Main and I am excited to be here with you again today!! I am just dying for spring to come! I keep thinking if I make spring projects it will come faster…..haha! Today I wanted to share with you how easy it is to make this spring bud vase filler!!  Who knows maybe it will help?!!

This is totally new to me, but I guess one of the trees that we have in our front yard is supposed to be trimmed every year (according to all of our neighbors).   I come from a place where you really don’t ever trim your trees unless one of the branches gets in the way of power lines or breaks. So, this year we broke down and had someone come and trim our tree, it seemed like the right thing to do.  We really have no idea what we are doing over here to be honest. The tree trimmer wanted to charge me a bunch to haul away all the branches.  I decided to save a few bucks and pile them up along side the road by myself for the city servises to come pick up. It took me 4 hours, by the end I was wishing I would have just paid his the extra cash.
The point of this story is, if he would have taken away  the branches I would’t have them for this lovely vase filler!!
I guess I am glad I picked them up myself, sort of. I originaly grabbed some of the branches and stuck them in a vase just as is. They looked ok. I felt like they would look even better if I could add a bit of color.
 In comes Dollar Tree!! This year they have these mini sparkly easter eggs.  I have already used them for one craft project.  I love these little eggs!
 To add a bit of color I used my hot glue gun to attach an egg to the end of every branch.
I love the end result!! What a simple way to welcome the changing of the seasons!! Yay for spring!!

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    Erlene A

    Oh that’s such a great idea. I bought those dollar store eggs too! Will be putting this on my craft to do list.