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Hello Pretty Providence readers! This is Shonee from Hawthorne and Main and I am super excited to be here with you today!!!
Next month my hubby and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary, say whaaaattt?? I can’t be that old, right?! Since we have been married we have moved a lot.  For the most part we have lived in teeny tiny apartments. Because of this we were not able to move all of our belongings with us.  Luckily my parents have been gracious enough to keep it for us.
Last year we bought our first home.
Awesome right!
It was at that time that my parents decided it was time for us to finally take home all of our stuff that they had been storing for the past 10  years.
Wow did we have a lot of stuff!!
This year, for me,  is all about getting organized and dejunking!! I hate clutter, but at the same time all of my stuff is oh so important!
I can’t just get rid of it- ya know what I mean!!
So instead, I am finding ways to organize what I need and get rid of the rest. Hopefully I will regain control of my garage!
Today I am sharing this wrapping paper storage idea with you!


I got this basket at a thrift store a few months ago.  When I got it, it was all natural colored.

Then I decided to do this to it….. What was I thinking?

White dipped, good…

Gold dip on top of white dip, bad…

Plus, the added black strip on top… really bad…

At least I can admit my crazy crafty mistakes, and even share a couple of them with you!!

 wrapping paper storage 1


This basket has room hopped so many times since I got it.  Mainly because of its large size but really because I painted it so ugly!!

My wrapping paper was a mess to say the least.  Some parts were sitting in this laundry basket. Some of it was under my bed and the last part of it was shoved in a closet getting all sorts of wrinkled.


wrapping paper storage 2

I was tired of running from room to room looking for that ribbon I just knew that I had bought last month but couldn’t find. As I was pondering how to organize this chaotic gift wrapping mess, the ugly basket came to mind.

I finally reasoned with myself and realized that the white dipped, gold dipped, black strip wasn’t happening.

I proceeded to spray paint the whole thing antique white.  I now love this basket!!

wrapping paper storage 3

I added all of my wrapping paper into the basket.  I also made a mini garment bag and use that to store all of my gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbon.  This way I can pull out the entire bag and find what I need rather than running from room to room!


wrapping paper storage 4

It is currently sitting next to our bookshelves.  Not sure if it will be here forever but for now I am content.

How do you store your wrapping paper and gift giving supplies??

wrapping paper storage 5

wrapping paper storage square no watermark


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    Angie Britt

    This is a great solution to the gift wrap mess! Super cute “after” basket!


      Angie it has made all the difference. Well, considering the before was pretty bad, the after does look good!! Thanks!

    Sydney @ Tastefully Frugal

    What a great idea! Our wrapping paper is all over our under stairs closet. I need to find a wicker basket stat!


      Hey Sydney, thanks!! I can totally relate to having a wrapping paper mess! Having an under stairs closet sounds pretty awesome though. Check out thrift stores for a basket. Thats where this beauty came from!!