cute, cheap rugs roundup!

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rugs that are cute and cheap enough for a small budget! all less than $100! at
These rugs are so excitingly cute and cheap you guys! None of them even get close to $100!
We all know that a rug will completely make or break a room. It is hard to find a rug you can afford when you’re decorating on a budget. They are usually really expensive but there are some places that offer quite affordable rugs! You just have to know where to look. It’s especially exciting when you can score one on sale. So, all of these are quite affordable by my standards (and I am cheap, you guys.) Most of these are from Urban Outfitters, one of my favorite places to stare at rugs. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!


The two best deals: this navy sugarplum lace rug from Urban Outfitters is only $39.99 and the red herringbone rug is only $34.99. For 5×7 size! (That’s incredible in case you’re not in the loop with rug pricing.)


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    That is sooo super cute!!! I love it! What a wonderful blog you have! I am stopping by from the Tuesday blog hop, so glad I did! We are your newest followers! Hope you will visit us too! it,s very helpful.


    I got a fantastic new floral design rug from World Rugs Emporium, great price too.


    Wow! What a deal on some beautiful rugs. I think I need a few now!


    Cool! I love the Scallop rug! thanks for sharing!

    Vanessa Marquiss Barker

    These are so fun!! I love all of them…now just need a bigger house to put them all in!

    Adrienne Smart

    Baby girrrl, you should add this one someday. I just bought it and I looove it. $20. Fills my living room.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Okay that is so rad. Love Ikea’s $20 rugs. Everyone has the same gray one I have, I hadn’t realized they had added new ones to the store. I will for sure be adding that next time! Thanks love-bum.

    Tiffany Kopp

    Ah! I instantly fell in love with the navy one! And then to find out it’s such an amazing deal! I think I’m going to buy it! I’m just considering if the fabric will work in my space. I have carpet and the coffee table would probably be on top of the rug. Do you think that would create weird ripples in such a thin rug? Hmmmm. I’m so torn! I love the pattern and the PRICE!

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      I think that’s a matter of how much you think that will bother you. I have a really thin rug from West Elm (probably similar to the UO one) and I have always kept it on carpet w/ furniture on it. It bubbles up sometimes but it’s an easy fix with a little stomp of the foot! I’ve never minded. I’d much rather have it than not. You could maybe get a thick rug pad (like this one: ) to go under it which would probably keep it in place more. Then that will cost some extra dough, so that depends on if if you think it’s worth it!

        Tiffany Kopp

        That’s a good idea! I’ll have to look into it, I’m getting pretty attached to that rug! lol. Thanks for posting!


    Love urban outfitters for home decor! I’m almost finished redoing my bedroom but I havent gotten a rug yet, I think one of these, though I cant decide between the gray or yellow would be great :) Keep up the great work, always love the ideas on here!

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Thanks! Me too, isn’t UO the best? I tend to always choose yellow when I’m debating anything, it’s my go-to color. I have like six yellow cardigans, haha! But gray is a great neutral. Good luck deciding :)