Cheap Rugs Roundup #4!

I thought it was high time round up another batch of cute, affordable area rugs!

cute, cheap area rugs for your house!


So… which of these beauts is your favorite? I don’t know about you guys, but I am obsessing over the kaleidoscope one. It’s so gorgeous. I might even be able to make that work with my orangey couch? It may be too bright I don’t know. Thoughts?

If you’re new here, check out cheap rug roundups 1, 2 and 3 and 5 for more inspiration!

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    Love the rugs! Such beautiful decor!

    Jewell Edwards

    I love the black and white one.very chic yet playful.


    considering most web sites sell majority of rugs which i do we are far cheaper and you can look before you buy….go to abergavenny market


    I just bought a Target rug and I’m not super impressed with the quality. I kind of wished we had saved or hunted for a good find at Home Goods, but I love the look of the rug so I totally get it! That said, though, I love the idea of the turquoise geo rug or fretwork rug to go with your couch!