20 Olympic crafts and recipes your kids will love.

20 olympic themed crafts and recipesIs anyone else super excited about the 2014 Winter Olympics starting?? I cannot wait! I know this might be weird, but I actually prefer the winter Olympics to the summer ones! Either way though, I just love the Olympics in general. I don’t know if it’s the American pride in me or what but I just love cheering on the red, white and blue whether or not I care about a particular event. Since we will definitely have the events on a fair amount I have been prepping Luke bug on the Olympics and telling him about the different events (yay, figure skating! Yay, skiing!) and I thought it would be fun to have some toddler friendly activities and (of course) treats to go along with the fun. To top it all off, my husband grew up in Park City, Utah and he actually has 4 old class mates who are competing this year! Anyway, I found so many fun ideas that I just had to share with you guys, you will die when you see all the cuteness!
20+ olympic crafts and recipesOlympic Torch  Cupcakes

20+ olympic crafts and recipesOlympic Ring Art Work

olympics2014008Cereal Gold Medal Necklaces

olympics2014006A Mountain Cake

20+ olympic crafts and recipesDIY Medal Podium

20+ olympic crafts and recipesOlympic Ring Cookies

olympics2014004Origami Olympic Rings

20+ olympic crafts and recipesOlympic Ring Bagels

20+ olympic crafts and recipesOlympic Flag Garland

20+ olympic crafts and recipesCandy Skier

20+ olympic crafts and recipes

Kids Ski Maze

20+ olympic crafts and recipesOlympic Cookies

20+ olympic crafts and recipesOlympic Medal Kids Craft

20+ olympic crafts and recipesEdible Olympic Medals

20+ olympic crafts and recipesOlympic Snowball Ring Toss

20+ olympic crafts and recipesWinter Olympics Bingo

20+ olympic crafts and recipesChenille Winter Olympic Rings

20+ olympic crafts and recipesOlympic Torch Craft for Kids

20+ olympic crafts and recipesEasy Laurel Crowns

20+ olympic crafts and recipesFelt Olympic Flag

So sweet, huh? I love that (with just a few exceptions) all of the ideas are quick and easy, just my style. It is way too frequent that I see a cute idea but it never comes to fruition because I have no time. The Olympic bagels though? Printing off a kiddie maze? Fruit loop gold medal? Those things I can do.

Happy Olympics everybody, GO U. S. A.!!!



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    Jessica @ Pretty Providence

    I know aren’t those adorable!! I miss that little Jman so much!!

    Vanessa Marquiss Barker

    What great ideas! I am seriously so excited for the Olympics. My DVR will definitely run out of room these next few weeks!

    Lauren Allen

    This is such a cute post Jess!! I love it! I want to make J a fruit loop gold medal necklace :-)