11 Money Saving Life Hacks

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11 super simple money saving life hacks - seriously there is no excuse NOT to do some of these!

Are y’all life hack fans? I love to see big lists of life hacks that make you think “duh – why didn’t I think of that!” Well today I have 11 super simple money-saving life hacks for you to try. Some of them are so easy that you honestly have no excuse NOT to be doing them! Why wouldn’t you want to save a little cash on things that won’t affect your lifestyle? Am I right?! Check them all out below. 

paper towel to keep lettuce fresh longer - genius! I hate throwing away lettuce that goes bad before I get a chance to eat it. I’ve been doing this for years now and it REALLY works.

put a soda bottle in your toilet tank - save money and water!
via Real Simple

Fill up a plastic bottle with water and stick it in your toilet tank. Your toilet will flush just fine with less water, but you’ll conserve a lot and save money on your bill every month!

did you know?

Just awesome. If you do use dryer sheets, rip them in half. You really can get the same benefit from less dryer sheet.

cheapest time to buy airline tickets

I’ve heard this tip a lot but I’m always pretty nervous to wait til six weeks before a trip to buy my ticket! I do find the Tuesday part to be 100% true in my experience. I’ve also heard that we should be clearing our browser cache before searching for flights – that way the airlines don’t know you’ve already been searching because apparently when they do they hike their prices up. The more you know!

mascara life hack: don't throw away mascara just because it's clumpy, renew it & make it last a longer!

Read more about how to make your mascara last longer.

unplug the appliances and electronics you're not using and save 10% a year

The average American household has up to 40 items plugged in that don’t need to be. Unplug that stuff and save up to 10% on every bill!

"everyI’ve seen this pin around a lot and it’s awesome. Anyone know if this schedule is still accurate?

tired of spending hundreds on hair cutting and coloring? go natural and save that cash!

Go natural. If you spend a considerable amount of money dyeing your hair or getting highlights every few weeks, try going back to your natural color & growing it out to save significant bucks.

use extra virgin olive oil as makeup remover

You can use plain old extra virgin olive oil to remove your makeup! Why waste money on all the expensive wipes and removers at the store when you’ve got the best, all-natural makeup remover there is in your pantry already? Thanks for this tip Meg! 

money saving life hack

If you want suggestions, here are my five favorite coupon blogs and also – my two cents on the pros and cons of couponing!

So – any of these you’ll be trying out ASAP? I’d love to hear what your favorite money saving life hack is that I didn’t list here… pretty please share in the comments! :)


+ If you came over looking to rebuke me about sharing wifi – I didn’t know when I posted it that it could possibly be illegal if it’s against your internet terms of service. I’ve since deleted that hack from this post. I don’t want anyone to do anything that is against the law in the name of saving a few bucks. Sorry!

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    Rosemary David

    You guys are really amazing on sharing this kinds of tips. we can really save some money on this. Thanks.


    Maybe You should add that most of them are useful only in USA?


    Actually companies like comcast will let you buy a wifi signal from a neighbor. Completely legal and cheaper. You can also buy it daily or weekly if you know you will use it more then others or not at all


    Great line up! I’m pinning for later :) http://janiegirlfreebies.blogspot.com/




    Coming from a target employee that pin is not necessarily accurate. All those numbers are, are the item code in our system. I hope that cleared things up for you! Love the blog btw :)


    This is brilliant!! Thanks for sharing! Pinned!

    Better From Scratch

    This is the best roundup ever! You guys are genius! Totally going to try the tinfoil trick and the mascara trick!


    Love the Target sale pin! That is great info! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Danielle Vincent

    I love these life hacks! Thanks for sharing!!