DIY: refinished card catalog

painted card catalog cabinet!

You guys, I finally refinished my card catalog cabinet. A few months ago I shared the desire to paint or re-stain this baby and I really meant it. The reason it took me so long to do is because I couldn’t decide what color to go with. I had originally said that some kind of blue or green was what I wanted. But then I couldn’t get myself to commit to a color! So a couple weeks ago, I had a thought. What about a soft, blushy pink color? Here is the before shot again: I decided to spray paint it with a light pink krylon paint called “ballet slipper.” I found some inspiration on pinterest that I really liked. It was a bust. Please remind me not to spray paint large pieces of furniture in the future! I much prefer real paint for large pieces, it saves time and money. After two bottles of spray paint I wasn’t even close to an even coverage, so I headed to Home Depot for some real paint. I was actually happy to be doing this so that I could get a more blushy pink. It’s Behr paint, semi-gloss, in “Misty Memories.”

blushy light pink paint color: behr misty

If you are planning to redo a card catalog or cabinet that looks like a card catalog, let me tell you about the prep work. Removing the hardware took forever! There are 24 drawer pulls on my cabinet, with 4 tiny screws each. 96 screws to remove, y’all. Then after you’re done, 96 screws to put on again! That, and painting the small drawers and everything. I totally underestimated how long it would all take.

card catalog update in progress

Anyway, it was all worth it. I love the way it turned out. The pink adds a fun, feminine touch to my new office!

Speaking of my office, this is a little sneak peek. I’m working on a DIY desk and I have some things to hang up on the walls, but it’s getting close to being a functional office space and I can’t wait.

painted card catalog cabinet!

I got a screaming deal on these mid century modern chairs on Amazon. I have been looking for some at a reasonable price for YEARS, and when I saw that I could get two for barely over $100 I was in shock. It seemed too good to be true but they really are great chairs, they are exactly the same material/quality as the real vintage ones you find on craigslist or at modern furniture stores for $200-$400 a pop!

mid century modern chairs on amazon - lowest price i've ever seen on these

So if you’re in the market, I highly recommend them.

What do you think of the pink?

Pretty Providence

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    I love that color pink! I think it turned out perfectly. I can’t believe the amount of patience it must have taken to pain all those drawers!


    I think the before looks better than the after. The wood was so pretty :)

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Yeah it definitely didn’t need to be painted to be cute, but I wasn’t digging the way it clashed with my floors and other furniture!


    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! And now I want those chairs…..


    Yes, yes, yes. I’m obsessed with this! This is darling and you know I’m all for pink. Such a great way to spread feminine-ism…? :) Miss you! -Kum

    Inner Loop Adventures

    You have incredible vision for DIY! The card catalog looks so cool. The color is a nice change, I wouldn’t have thought to use it but it works!


    That is way cute. Your level of patience is amazing!

    Ali Evenson Lewis

    Digging the pink Sar! yo quiero!