Glitter Pumpkin Candles

Hello Pretty Providence readers! I’m Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft, where I blog about my love for glitter and glue guns (among other things). A big thanks to Jessica & Sarah for having me on their beautiful blog. I’ll be showing you how to make inexpensive Thanksgiving centerpieces. If you are a craft hoarder like me, then you stocked up on faux pumpkins from the Dollar Store around Halloween time. Err, maybe I’m the only one? Luckily, pumpkins are still on the shelves for Thanksgiving time. Go pick some up, along with some glitter and Mod Podge and let’s get crafting!


Fake Pumpkin (I found mine at the Dollar Store)
Carving Knife
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer
Tea Light Candle


Step 1 Cut a circle, slightly smaller than the tea light candle, around the stem of the pumpkin. Remove the stem.

Step 2: Apply glitter, in patches, to the pumpkin using a foam brush and Mod Podge. Allow to dry.
Step 3: Spray a coat of Mod Podge Clear Sealer over the entire pumpkin. If you don’t have the sealer spray, you could brush another coat of regular Mod Podge over the glitter. This will prevent glitter from getting everywhere.

Step 4: Stick the tea light candles inside the pumpkins. Use as a centerpiece or place on top of a candle holder and display on your fireplace mantel.

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See Vanessa Craft

Thanks so much Vanessa! These centerpieces are gorgeous, I would never guess how cost effective they were to make. You are the best, thanks for sharing!
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    Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft

    Thanks so much for having me on your blog ladies :)


      No, thank you!! It is an honor :) I definitely need to glitter up some of my fall decor. I have never tried that spray modpodge but I’m thinking I might need to invest in some of that this week!

    Carrie from Talking In Space

    So cute! I want to run out and buy pumpkins right now. : )