Mini Pom Pom Centerpiece

mini pom pom centerpieces - easiest and cheapest centerpiece, it's pretty and can be made with any colors for any occasion! at
This is my go-to party centerpiece you guys. I don’t know why it took me so long to post about it. It’s cheap, easy to make, you can make the pom poms in any colors you want for any occasion, and it’s pretty! When I first made it, I was in charge of a big church party. I needed 36 centerpieces and had like $50 to work with. I had made big tissue paper pom poms in the past for parties and weddings so I thought I would just make those but really small, add some stems and stick them in mason jars. My husband made more than half of the tissue paper pom poms! (What a hunk, right?) I can’t tell you how many people at the party were asking me what they were, and how to make them. Ladies passing by in the park even stopped to ask me. Since then I have kept making them whenever an occasion arises.
Here’s what you need:

tissue paper in at least three colors, 5 sheets of each color
craft wire
ruler (optional)
mason jar or other “vessel” (you could use anything to hold them, really)
paper straws or skewers
How to make the mini pom poms:
how to make mini tissue paper pom poms for centerpieces, garlands, etc. at
Lay five sheets of tissue paper on a flat surface.
Cut tissue paper (all five layers at once) into a square. For the smallest pom poms cut a 4 to 5 inch square, for the medium ones a 6 inch square, and for the largest 7 to 8 inch square.
Fold the paper accordion style.
Cut a piece of craft wire to four inches long. Secure the middle with craft wire. Twist craft wire enough that it won’t come loose.
Cut the far ends of your folded paper into a curved shape.
Wrap the craft wire around your paper straw or skewer.
Gently fan out your tissue paper one piece at a time.
For each centerpiece, you’ll want one of each size. Repeat the same process until all three sizes are made. When you’re done with all three, stick them in a mason jar and you’re done!
mini pom pom centerpieces - easiest and cheapest centerpiece, it's pretty and can be made with any colors for any occasion! at
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    Cute idea! I love making tissue paper flowers for gifts and decorations but I hadn’t thought of adding the sticks and putting them in mason jars. Thanks for sharing.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      I know I love how versatile they are, you can do so many things. Thank you for stopping by! :)

    Hilary Smith

    These are cute! I made paper flowers all the time when I was little :)

    Cristina Carrera

    I’m new to reading your blog, so I hadn’t seen that tassel garland until now. Soo smart using that fringed tablecloth! I did a similar garland once and cutting the gold mylar was frustrating. The next time I just ordered one already made from a seller on Etsy.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Yes the tablecloth made it SO much easier! :)


    I love this craft, it’s so simple and so cute!

    p.s. you should also do a tutorial on getting that pin it button, when you hover. it’d be much appreciated!