DIY No Sew Superhero Cape

IMG_7841Hey there lovely Pretty Providence readers!  Kelly from The Little Things here today I’m sharing a fun DIY for the kiddos.  My son is definitely not into any sort of dress up play.  He doesn’t like hats, hoods, glasses, and pretty much has no interest in even picking out what he wears.  So, when I had this idea, I was pretty sure it would be met with much of the same reaction I get when I try to get him to wear anything other than a shirt and pants/shorts.  Not so!  I think that since he’s starting to get into the whole idea of superheroes, this cape was a hit.  He likes it so much that when I asked him if he wanted to take it off he said, and I quote, “No, I want to keep it on all the times!” (yes…he said “times”.  He’s three.)

What You’ll Need: Over sized T-shirt, Scissors, Self Adhesive Velcro, Hot Glue, Paint (optional)

IMG_7813 Superhero Shirt Cuts

Lay out your shirt felt and begin cutting.  Start with the sides/sleeves.  Then you’ll cut of the front from the shoulders and around the neck.  Cut the neck in half from the center.


Now to “hem” the sides of the cape, fold over the shoulder seam and work your way down, gluing as you go, at a slant.  This will create an angled seam.


Attach velcro to the ends of the neck line.  I added a little more hot glue here too just for durability.  Be sure that one is on the inside of the neck and the other on the outside so they will clasp across one another.


Now you can add whatever you’d like to the back of the cape.  If I had a vinyl cutter, I’d definitely use something like that but I went ahead and hand painted a big “G” for “Super Gavin”.  He loves it!


He also loved that, since it started raining when we were taking pictures, I let him run in the house.


Time to save the world…or pick a flower for mommy.


XO, Kelly

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