Easy Low-Cal Strawberry Slush!

Easy and delicious low calorie strawberry slush!Welp people it is officially summer! It made me laugh to see “first day of summer” on the calendar last week, because where I live it’s felt like summer for about two months! The perk of living in the dessert though (and I remind myself of this tirelessly during these scorching months) is that the fall, winter and spring are to die for! We take a lot of little weekend getaways in the summer to try and beat the heat, and we drink a lot of smoothies and slushies. While I wish I could indulge in ice cream and popsicles all day every day, the waistline would seriously not approve.  Sarah lives in an oven too, and we have become pretty pro on finding delicious low calorie solutions like this dirty Dr. Pepper (I use Diet Pepsi, because that’s my drink. Sar loves her Dr. Pepper though..) or this low cal coconut limeade! So today I’m sharing another of my very favorite, diet approved, summer drink recipes… Easy low-cal strawberry slush! https://prettyprovidence.com/low-cal-coconut-limeade/

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Easy and delicious low calorie strawberry slush!
Easy Low-Cal Strawberry Slush!
Calories: 25 kcal
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 12 oz can cold Fresca
  1. Put ingredients in blender and blend until combined.
  2. Enjoy!


It doesn’t get any easier than that, am I right?? It’s no wonder I make this ALL of the time. Easy is like, my middle name, or some corny thing like that. I am not a huge fan of Fresca by itself, but add a bunch of frozen strawberries and suddenly its totally delicious.. go figure! If you aren’t watching the calories this can also be done easily with Sprite or 7Up, which is what the hubby prefers.

Easy and delicious low calorie strawberry slush!Good luck beating the heat everybody!


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    Allison Miller

    This looks so refreshing! Can’t wait to try it.

    Sarah @ Pretty Providence

    I just bought frozen strawberries AND peach fresca today before I saw your post! YAY I’m totally gonna try this. The heat/humidity is trying me and i can’t get enough of smoothies, slushes and popsicles. XOXO LOVE YOU

    Becky Bevan Blad

    This looks so good and refreshing! I love drinks with strawberries!

    Amber @ DessertNowDinnerLater!

    Oh yeah! Looks delicious and I love low cal drinks!

    Better From Scratch

    This looks amazing! And I love how simple it is! YUMM