St. Patrick’s Day Trail Mix

Hey there!  It’s Jessica from Fantabulosity, and I’m ecstatic to be here sharing one of my FAVORITE quick desserts with you all.  This St. Patrick’s Day Trail Mix is quite possibly the EASIEST little treat to throw together!  I’ll fill you in on a little secret…


I use this dessert trail mix, for almost every holiday and party that I style.  It’s simple, delicious, and easy to change out the colors of the candies, to coordinate with the holiday or party theme!

This looks so easy!! St. Patrick's Day Trail Mix

St. Patrick’s Day Trail Mix

It’s a no-bake dessert, and never has to be refrigerated!  It’s the best of both worlds!  Often times, I struggle to find a dessert that I have to make to take somewhere, that can actually sit out, and not have to worry about it perishing.  So this usually ends up being my “go-to.”

This looks so easy!! St. Patrick's Day Trail Mix

If you’re hosting a party, or simply having people over for dinner… whip up this trail mix and set it out in multiple bowls around the entertaining area.  Your guests will LOVE snacking on this, and it will satisfy their “sweet,” craving.

I’m a firm believe that “Food=Love,” so make it easy to let your guests “love you.” ;)

This looks so easy!! St. Patrick's Day Trail Mix

St. Patrick’s Day School Treat

If your kiddos school allows them to bring food-based treats to share, this St. Patrick’s Day trail mix is IT!  Pour small portions in to individual treat bags, tie a green & white ribbon around the bag, and win the kiddos hearts over!  Or, take a large bowl of it, and scoop small portions out in to small little cups like I have done here!

This looks so easy!! St. Patrick's Day Trail Mix

St. Patrick’s Day Trail Mix Recipe


1 Box of honey graham cereal squares

1 Bag of small marshmallows

1 Bag of chocolate covered peanut candies


Simply combine the three ingredients in a large bowl, and mix until evenly combined!

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If you’re a “Party Lover,” you’ll ADORE my FREE Party Planning Checklist that I have for you too:

Free party planning checklist by Fantabulosity

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