Classy Diaper Cake Tutorial



Video tutorial for making a classy & elegant diaper cake!

Hey you guys! Have you ever seen a diaper cake before? Diaper cakes are the best because they kill two birds with one stone – they’re the perfect centerpiece and decoration for a baby shower, and then the diapers are a great gift because babies require A TON OF DIAPERS. I have always liked them in theory, but a lot of them have seemed very cheesy to me. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not my style. So I set out to make a more elegant version of the diaper cake and I’m sharing the tutorial with y’all today in a video!

Classy and elegant diaper cake!

How to make a Diaper Cake

Here is what you’ll need:

55 Huggies Diapers
Small rubber bands
Glue dots or strong double-sided tape
Paper towel roll (just the inside cardboard part)
Cake stand
Paper pinwheels
White tulle ribbon
Assorted ribbon or trim (gold is encouraged for the ‘classy & elegant’ factor!)
Bakers twine

Watch this quick video for the tutorial!

So, it’s pretty simple. I had coupons for the Huggies, so those were a great deal! I am of the opinion that the cake should be made from good quality diapers so that they’re useful and won’t just sit in the closet. I love Huggies or  Target brand best, but I know some moms love other brands too.

Classy and elegant diaper cake!

The real difficulty is choosing your embellishments. I seriously scored with the gold sequin and faux leather trim from the craft store! They weren’t very cheap initially, I think like $7 per yard, but I got to use 40% off coupons on both of them so it wasn’t too bad after that.

Classy and elegant diaper cake!

Stuff like this is my absolute favorite. I love any reason to celebrate, and every baby is special and deserves to be celebrated.


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    Heidi Schilling Fowler

    I have always wanted to learn to make one of these! Thanks for the great tutorial. Pinning.

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Thanks Heidi! Yeah it’s super easy and they are always a crowd pleaser :)