DIY Toilet Cleaning Fizzies

Make these fizzy toilet cleaning bombs to quickly freshen up your bathroom whenever needed!

Okay these are the best for keeping your bathroom and toilet fresh!!

I am not one of those people who despises cleaning, but I am always looking for ways to make it a quick and easy job. These days, I just don’t have the time or energy to spend scrubbing everything in my house. These toilet fizzies I made recently are making my bathroom cleaning regimen so much easier. They’re essentially bath bombs that clean your toilet! I just love them, and I know you’re gonna love them too!

How they work is that you actually just throw one into the toilet whenever there is an unpleasant smell or you feel like your toilet could use some ‘freshening up’ (no further explanation needed!?) and they do the freshening for you! These are keeping my toilets really clean all the time!

They are super easy to make, too. You just mix everything together, (full instructions can be found below) let them set, and you’re good to go.

Okay these are the best for keeping your bathroom and toilet fresh!!

I used heart shaped candy molds to make these because I thought it would be cute (and I think I was right!) but you can also just use a teaspoon or something to shape them. It is up to you.

Here’s the recipe:

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Okay these are the best for keeping your bathroom and toilet fresh!!
Fizzy Toilet Bombs
Servings: 30 Fizzies
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup citric acid
  • 1/2 tsp vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide
  • 15 to 20 drops your choice of essential oil (lavender, rosemary or peppermint)
  • silicone candy molds
  1. Add baking soda to a mixing bowl and use a fork or whisk to break up clumps. Baking soda naturally cleans and eliminates odors, making it the perfect base for the fizzies. Add the citric acid (which you can find near the canning supplies at some stores) and stir. The citric acid adds the fizz to these cleaners.

  2. In a small glass bowl, mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, which will work together to help clean your toilet. Now SLOWLY drop by drop, add vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to the baking soda. If you add it all at once, you'll have a big mess due to the reaction between the baking soda and citric acid!

  3. Now add the essential oil and gently mix. This is just for scent, so you can choose any scent you like. I used lavender.

  4. Use a half teaspoon to scoop the mixture into your candy molds, and press in gently with your fingers. You don't want to fill them completely full, because this will expand. Let dry for at least 6 hours or overnight.

  5. Place the dried fizzies in glass jar and keep them sealed near your toilet. Make sure you label them and keep them out of reach of small children! The next time things get smelly, after flushing, drop in a fizzy and things will freshen up in no time. 

Okay these are the best for keeping your bathroom and toilet fresh!!

I like to keep a jar of these in each bathroom! I love the lavender scent personally, but you can use any essential oil to make them smell good.


screen-shot-2017-04-20-at-8-35-09-pm screen-shot-2017-04-20-at-8-42-46-pm


Okay these are the best for keeping your bathroom and toilet fresh!!

Think of all the time you’ll save not having to scrub your toilets as often!

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh & tidy, even between cleanings. No more stubborn pee smell!!!

How to Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

laundry-organization-5 AMAZING liquid laundry detergent, this stuff works so well and smells amazing!


Okay these are the best for keeping your bathroom and toilet fresh!!

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    i love these.

    i doubled the recipe and i cant get 30 out of these. Maybe my molds are bigger

    Greer Jayne

    Are these SEPTIC safe?


      I really don’t know- sorry! I don’t have a septic system!

    Brittany rooney

    Thanks for the recipe! I’d like your permission to share my results and the recipe on my blog, if that’s ok with you. Obviously I would link back to this PAGE. Thanks!
    -Brittany Rooney


      Thank you Brittany! So glad you like them. You can totally share your results, but I’d prefer if you send your readers here for the full recipe. Thanks :)


    are these septic tank safe?

    Dusty epley

    I love how easY this recipe is! I just made a batch and i used grapefruit essential oil it smells fantastic😊


      Yay!! So glad you loved them- that is such a great idea- thanks for sharing!

    Ginger Porter

    Hi Sarah, I’m Ginger from Missouri. I’m definitely going to make the toilet fizzies. I have my elderly brother in law living with us and I need them for his bathroom especially!


    This is an incredible idea!!! i MAKE MY OWN BATH BOMBS, THIS IS GREAT!! tHANKS FOR SHARING!!

    Dani faRRy

    I have a lot extra can i save it and make more with it after the ones in the mOLds dry?


      I think so! I haven’t tried it before… what you could do is use a teaspoon to scoop, pack it in tightly, then put it onto wax paper to dry.


    Are these pet friendly?


      I think so, but I don’t have pets so I’m not an authority!

    Tania Waggoner

    Do you leave them in the molds to dry the whole time?


    Hey! I love this post! I am curious though..does this leave any kind of residue behind / do you have to flush again a few minutes later? How does it work exactly :)

      Sarah + Jessica

      Nope! They just dissolve, I have never noticed any residue!! :)


        Woooooo it’s gonna be a party in my bathrooms soon. I am incredibly lazy but super motivated to be even lazier. This is perfect 😍


    You can buy peroxide by the gallon and smart & final, you can also get a big tub of baking soda there as well.