Free Printable 72-Hour Kit Checklist

So guys, remember when Jessica posted this awesome Make your own 72-Hour Kit Tutorial? So I decided it was time to finally make mine up, and I want 3 of them, one for each car and one big one for the house. Since I will be doing all three of mine over time, I thought I should type up the list of items I would need and keep it on the fridge, that way I could check off things as I add them and be reminded to keep working on them each time I see it. Then I thought I should share it, cause I like you guys! So here it is in all its glory. I hope it helps you to get the ball rolling on your own kits. Click here to download and print.

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    Munchkin Momma

    Nice list!
    I would add a few things though.
    You would be better off with some food you like that doesn’t require heating (cold spaghettios isn’t bad) then just energy bars especially for kids. If tried energy and protien bars and they suck, those that do not have short shelf lives and you would need a ton of them to eat nothing but that.
    Heat when wood isn’t available? If your car breaks down and you and your kids are stranded in it for hours mid winter what are you going to do? You more than likely wont be able to just run the engine for the heat or you may not be able to risk using up your gas. Look into alternatives.
    Matches are more reliable with a fire starter of some sort like cotton balls coerced in Vaseline especially if you are lighting wood.
    Important papers and a family picture for each person.
    Duct tape & small sewing kit
    Cash, small bills only and the amount depends on you. But I suggest at least enough for 2 tanks of gas and 3 nights in a hotel just in case.

    Michelle Day

    This is awesome! Thanks for doing all the work and all we have to do is the packing :) I’ve changed my link party to a bi-weekly so I don’t have features this week but this made the feature list so I’ll be posting on my FB page, Pinterest, and Twitter. Thanks for linking up to Creative Thursday :)