DIY Funny Socks

Make these DIY funny socks! They are so fun to make and a super easy Cricut project to start with. Perfect gift idea for friends and teachers!

I love this easy funny socks tutorial! They would make perfect gifts for friends or teachers! Cute and easy to customize to fit each persons personality!I don’t know about you guys but I love wearing socks! To me they are just the epitome of coziness, and I wear them all the time! I even got my close friends funny socks last year for Christmas, but I was frustrated about the lack of options available. I found a few really good ones, but there were so many variations that I wanted but couldn’t find anywhere!

Well, when Cricut announced the release of their new small EasyPress 2, I knew I had to make my dream of customized funny socks for everyone come true! If you didn’t know yet, the new EasyPress 2 comes in three different sizes, 6×7, 9×9, and 12×10. So basically, there is a perfect size fit for any project! These EasyPresses are amazing you guys. They are so simple to use, and give you professional looking iron on materials in less than 60 seconds! They heat up to a temperature of 400 degrees and they do it FAST! I of course used the smallest one for this project and it was a dream to work with!

DIY funny socks

You ready to make your own DIY funny socks?! It is so easy! All you will need is a Cricut Machine (I used my Cricut Maker), an EasyPress or an iron, SportsFlex iron on in your desired color, socks, and scissors!



everything you need to make your DIY funny socksLoad your design in design space.

Once you have all your supplies gathered, you need to choose your design! You can choose between one of my five designs linked here, or create your own!

Nope Socks | Diet Coke Socks | I’m Reading Socks | Foot Rub Socks | Tacos Socks

pull up design in design space

Turn your mirror on.

Once your design is loaded make sure to slide your mirror option over so it turns green. If you forget this step your design will end up backwards on your socks!

make sure your mirrors on!

Select your material.

When you go to select your material you need to click the drop down and select SportFlex Iron-On, not just regular iron on! The SportFlex has a fantastic stretch to it, making it ideal for this project! My socks stretch out over my feet and still look great, and then go back to normal when I take them off. SportFlex for the win!

set material type to sports flex iron on

Load your machine and make your cut.

After you’ve selected your material you are going to load your machine! Make sure you’ve placed your vinyl shiny side DOWN on your mat. Once your mat is in place push the flashing arrow button while gently guiding your mat onto the machine. Then press the lighted c button telling your machine to go ahead and cut your vinyl!

load your machine

Weed your design.

After your design is cut weed out the excess vinyl so just your design is left on the plastic sheet.

weed your design

Prepare your EasyPress 2.

Heat your EasyPress to 305 degrees. Gently iron out socks so they are warm and pressed flat. Arrange your design where you want them on the socks.

Prepare your EasyPress 2

Press your design.

Firmly press your design onto your socks using your EasyPress! If using a protective sheet, press for 60 seconds. If you aren’t using a protective sheet press firmly for 30 seconds. Then flip socks over and press for 15 seconds from the back.

press your socks

Flatten letters to sock.

After making a few of these, I found that the hardest part is starting your peel. Because of the small letter size and the texture of the sock, it helped SO much to quickly rub the letters down before starting your peel. You can use the little spatula tool, or even just your finger. Do this right after removing the EasyPress, then promptly peel off your plastic sheet.

flatten letters to sock

Congratulations, you’re finished!!!! Super easy right? Let’s take a little tour of all our finished socks.

finished nope, i'm done for the day socks

"If you can read this, bring me tacos" funny socks

"Don't bother me, I'm reading" funny socks

If you can read this, give me a foot rub, funny socks

"If you can read this, bring me a diet coke" socksSo good right?! Which ones are your favorite?

Sitting on couch wearing funny DIY socksThanks for reading friends! I hope you’ll keep these cute funny socks in mind for gifts for friends and teachers this Christmas, too! If you need me I’ll be laying right here on this couch, haha.



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I love this easy funny socks tutorial! They would make perfect gifts for friends or teachers! Cute and easy to customize to fit each persons personality!

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    Can you use a regular iron or does it have to be an easy press?