Simple Chore Chart for Kids

Teach young children responsibility with this simple chore chart for kids! {} Free printable

Hi, everyone. It’s Heidi, from One Creative Mommy. I’m excited to share my printable for a simple chore chart for kids today. If you have little ones around preschool age, this will be perfect for you. This chart is a great way to help young children establish a daily routine and begin to learn about responsibility.

When I started this project, my sister’s twins were in preschool. She wanted them to have a routine to get things done every morning, and she asked me to make a simple chore chart to get them started. I guess it worked, because they’re headed to first grade next year, and I still see the chore charts every time I go to visit. The more complex charts I made when my kids were little didn’t last long at all. I guess simple really is best!

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Teach young children responsibility with this simple chore chart for kids! {} Free printable

I think this chart works because of the velcro. I know. Silly, right? But what kid doesn’t love playing with velcro? Every time the child finishes a step on her to do list, she gets to move the picture to the “Done” column. Simple and effective!

All you need for this chart is cardstock, a color printer, velcro, and a laminator. (I have a pocket laminator, but you can get things laminated at copy places and most office supply stores. In some areas, you can even laminate at the local library–and it’s usually much cheaper.)

To download the chart, click on the download image below to go to my download page on One Creative Mommy.

Click to Download from

Thanks for letting me share my ideas today. I love creating printables for kids. If you’re looking for more, try my motivational point cards. The kids get to fill in the circles every time you catch them doing something great, they complete a chore, or they take a step toward whatever goal you set together. You set the prize for completing the card. (Some of my kids favorites are money or a date with Daddy.)

Keep kids motivated with free point card printables. Catch your kids being good! {}


See you next time!


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    Stella McCarter

    Easy and simple my kids going to love it thank you so much !

    Denita Whitehead

    the download doesn’t work. :C It just shows the image

    Charlotte Huntzinger

    I can’t get the download to work!


    These are really cute! I’ve been really needing one of these for my little one.