25+ DIY Backyard Ideas

The power of PAINT! This door and patio area looks incredible and the transformation barely cost anything!

Summer has finally begun! Now that we’re spending a lot of time outside, I’ve noticed my backyard is looking a little stale. So, we’ve rounded up over 25 of our favorite projects to beautify, simplify, and organize your backyard. They range from simple crafts to more complicated projects, so I hope you will enjoy all of this yard inspiration as much as I do!

Backyard Decor Inspiration

Sometimes all a yard needs is a good eye and a splash of color or two. Take a look through these ideas and see if you can find something that would look great in your yard.


Easy Projects

While it would be great to spend hours and hours cleaning and pruning our yards, most of us don’t have all that time. These are a few fun projects that will class up your yard without taking too much time or skill to do so.


  • What better way to fill your summer days with bird songs than with a DIY Bird Feeder?!
  • I love the idea of having fresh herbs whenever I want them! Bottle Herb Garden from Grillo Designs are such an easy way to do that.
  • This Wine Bottle Bird Feeder from Elizabeth Joan Designs is so classy.
  • Let’s get back to a little more functional. This Grill Set Holder from Lil’ Luna would be perfect next to the grill.

Planters and Pots

You can never have too many plants. It’s a fact. But you do need to mix up the how you present those plants. It’s a great way to add color and life to your back yard.

Okay seriously? How adorable is this DIY hanging gutter planter??! So cheap to make, too! Can't wait to try it out.

Backyard Seating Ideas

The best thing about summer, is sitting outside in the shade and getting lost in your favorite album, book, or day dream. Use these ideas to create a space for that, what more could you want from your yard?


  • Can’t you just imagine spending lazy summer afternoons on an adorable DIY Outdoor Seating? Lena Sekine has created a super easy tutorial for us.
  • I love the simple look of this Planter Bench from Brittany Stager.
  • How awesome does this DIY Hanging Lounge Chair from the Merrythought sound? Couldn’t you just curl up with a book there and swing the summer days away?

Big Projects

As intimidating as they may be, sometimes a big project can have a big impact on your backyard. We’ve found some of the easiest, and biggest impact projects we can get with great tutorials and instructions.


  • I was worried a Pergola would be too complicated of a project, but after reading this tutorial by the Created Home for this Super Frugal Pergola, it seems totally manageable.
  • Classics are classics for a reason. This DIY Sandbox from Design, Dining and Diapers even has instructions for a DIY sunshade.
  • How cool is this Shutter Fence from Cottage in the Oaks? I mean do I really need to sell you on a garden NOOK? I’ve died.
  • What summer is complete without a fire pit? Make your own with this Step-by-Step Fire Pit from Tuff Guard Hose.
  • I love this simple DIY Geometric Painted Floor from The Little Green Notebook. It’s a great way to splash a boring patio with a bit of color.

What’s your yard got going on? Are you tempted to try any of these ideas or inspirations? Let us know!

Backyard ideas for decor, seating, the patio! So many good ideas!

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