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Hello Pretty Providence readers!! This is Shonee from Hawthorne and Main!! With fathers day just around the corner I decided to share with you a practical gift idea that dad is sure to love and use!!

To be honest sometimes it’s hard to find a gift for the guys in my life.  I want something that  they will use but that won’t break the bank.  I can’t buy him a new table saw every year… ya know… :)  This simple leather keychain fits both of those categories perfectly!!

Here is what you will need:

-1 Sheet of leather


-Rivet setter

-Leather hole punch- (or see me method below)

-Key Chain hardware



Leather Key Chain 1

To start, measure and cut your piece of leather to size.  I added a picture with a tape measure to see what size I used. – See image 1.

To fold the key chain start by adding the D-ring on the square end of the piece of leather.  Fold the leather up and though the ring- See image 3.

Next you will thread the clip onto the other end of the leather and fold it down. -See image 4.

At this point you should have three pieces of leather in the middle of the key chain.  Use a leather hole punch to punch a hole though all three layers. My quick method, since I didn’t have a leather punch was to hammer a nail into all three layers of the leather- See image 5.

Once you have a hole through all of the layers follow the direction that came with the rivet setter by hammering and setting the rivet.

Leather Key Chain process


Leather Key Chain 9


Leather Key Chain 12


Leather Key Chain 8

This keychain will be a great addition to any fathers day gift! I am sure that it will get a ton of use!

Have you ever worked with leather before? What did you think?


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    Luis Madrigal

    I love this idea. I can think of more than a few friends who love to get something handmade just for them.

    But for us mere mortals that have never worked with leather, where can I buy the leather, rivets and tools to work with leather? I can see that the execution is not the problem but getting the materials and equipment. So if you do know of a place where I can find them please do post that info too!!