DIY: Freezer Paper Stencil Shirt

freezer paper stencil shirt DIY with "hello" or "oh hey" templates free to download & use to make your own. such a fun and easy project!

I have been seeing cute things with “hello” written on them in various ways all over the place and thankfully this is an easy trend to get in on. So, I took matters into my own hands. I found a plain t-shirt on sale for $5 and I used a freezer paper stencil to paint it. My itch has been scratched! Bonus, I made a couple templates that you can download for free if you’d like to try this too.

Watch the video to see how easy this freezer paper stencil method is!

This project was so easy that now I have been going around my house looking for other things I can do this with. Sorry/not sorry in advance for how many freezer paper stencil projects I’m about to be sharing on this blog. Keep reading for the how-to below:

What you need:

freezer paper (it’s by the foil at the grocery store)
fabric paint
foam paint brush
plain shirt or other fabric item to stencil
access to a printer
scissors or x-acto knife
piece of cardboard (part of a cereal box or the back of a notebook will do if you can’t find any other cardboard around)shop-this-post


Foam Brushes


Matte Fabric Paint


My favorite plain t-shirt!

What to do:

Step 1: print hello or oh hey image
Step 2: heat up your iron
Step 3: cut a piece of freezer paper to the same size as your printout and place your hello underneath it with the waxy side of the freezer paper facing down, touching the printed paper. trace your design. don’t forget to trace the inside details of your letters and what-not too, you’ll need those.
Step 4: cut your design out carefully. the way you cut the design out is the way it will look on your final product.
Step 5: place your piece of cardboard inside the shirt. this is to prevent the paint from going through to the back. cut another piece of freezer paper and place that inside your shirt, on top of the cardboard with the waxy side facing UP.
Step 6: place your freezer paper with the design taken out on your shirt. you want the design you’ll be painting to be exposed on your shirt (see the photo below if you don’t know what I mean) do this with the waxy sides facing DOWN. place them carefully where you want the design to be and iron it down. the waxy sides being ironed together well is what makes the stencil work. make sure the edges are securely “stuck.”

freezer paper stencil tutorial. so easy and fun.

Step 7: paint! using your sponge brush paint the design onto your shirt. be careful around the edges not to let the brush go under an edge. you can do just one coat, or do one and wait twenty minutes to do another coat.
Step 8: let it dry for a few hours or overnight. remove stencil pieces carefully. you are done!

If you’d like to download the word “hello” or the phrase “oh hey” just like mine, click here. There is one of each phrase in each font. If you’d like to do a different word but use one of the same typefaces they are both fonts you can download for free. Click here for the one I used to write “oh hey” and here for the one I used to write “hello.”

"oh hey" t-shirt DIY with freezer paper stencil!

Step 9: Instagram a picture so your friends will know about your new shirt.

It was difficult to get my hair to stay out of the way of the words for this picture. Here is my frustrated face captured so perfectly by the self-timer app. The “Oh hey” shirt happens to be my favorite.

freezer paper stencil shirt |

If you like this kind of thing, check out this thrifted sweatshirt re-fashion and this tutorial on how to add stripes to a plain white tee.

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    I’m making a Hawkeye shirt for my bff’s b’day! It’s turning out well!

    Rachel McDonald

    If you have to do a very large project, you can use Microsoft Publisher and print the image across multiple pages and then iron them down one at a time. Great on a quilt, or blanket, or 4XL shirts.


    What about the wax? Does it wash out of the shirt? Does it stain the shirt?

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      It doesn’t transfer onto the shirt, it just makes it stick but when you peel it off there is no remnant!


    Have you ever tried reusing your stencil? I need to make 15 shirts with the same design, and love this idea, but don’t want to cut out 15 stencils…


    How does the short wash and dry w the tulip fabric paint? Or should I hang dry?

    Rachel Smith

    In the area with the size, click the number, then erase what it says and type a number in. You can go up to, like, insanely large numbers.


    how you enlarge the font?? I have Microsoft word and it onlylets me go up to 72 which is not the size I want!

    Aarika Renae

    My sister and I love this idea! Thank you! Can you wash them regularly after you paint them?

    jennifer prod

    love this idea- would be fun to try different fonts and sayings!