Free Football Bingo Cards

  Free printable football bingo! This is perfect for a game day party!!

In my family the Super Bowl is a big deal. I’m sure we’re not alone, I think most Americans really look forward to Super Bowl Sunday! But the reality is that I neither like nor understand football. I look forward to it because I like all the junk food and getting together with my family and friends. I have this giant crossword puzzle book that I bring with me anytime the plan is to watch football on TV, so I can have something to do! True story. I decided to make this year’s Super Bowl a little more interesting, for myself and others (read: you) who are equally not interested, with a friendly game of Football Bingo!

This way I’ll probably get a lot more into the game than usual, and my husband and I can bond over him teaching me what the heck these terms mean. I think it will be a great addition to any Super Bowl Party. There are 8 different cards in the free download! Just subscribe to our newsletter below to download the bingo cards.

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Free printable football bingo! This is perfect for a game day party!!
Free printable football bingo! This is perfect for a game day party!!


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    HI! I absolutely love these and am using them at my bar for gameday bingo i would like to add a few more variations and am wondering if you have a template with blank square? thANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS IT WAS A HUGE HIT THIS LAST WEEKEND! I highlighted your page on all the print outs as well so i HOPE THAT YOU GET SOME NEW FOLLOWERS!

    Nandi Marshall


    Do you have a list of all the terms to be used in the “calling out” portion? I am going to use this game for a gender reveal party. I love it!!

      Sarah @ Pretty Providence

      Hey Nandi! Unfortunately I don’t since I’ve only played this while watching a game. What a fun idea to use it at a shower! Have fun!

    Ann Krucek

    I like the things you put on the card, these are things they always seem to show at some point in the game!! This would make any game fun!! thanks for sharing.

    Cassidy Bradshaw

    Fun idea, thanks for sharing :)


    What a fun idea! Can’t wait to try it.


    Great idea! Thanks for sharing.


    just what i needed!! love this…i have no idea whats going on most of the time so now i can be “supportive” of watching the game :)


      That’s exactly how I feel! Hope you enjoy it!