No-Carve Pumpkin People

Pumpkin people! No-carve pumpkin idea with craft pumpkins!

Happy September first, y’all! I know it’s a little early, but I honestly couldn’t wait to decorate my porch for fall this year. I think it had to do with the fact that the craft stores are always putting their stuff out in late August, it just gets my wheels turning. You may remember that Jessica and I are Michael’s Makers this year, and September’s challenge is PUMPKINS. I was at Michaels checking out all the new fall decor and I was drawn to the black and cream craft pumpkins. Go figure! I had this fun idea for no-carve pumpkin people, and I am obsessed with how they turned out.

No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Idea

I kind of wanted the pumpkins to represent our family, but also be kinda costume-y for Halloween, so I did two little lady pumpkins and 0ne man pumpkin.

How to Make No-Carve Pumpkin People

Craft pumpkins – whatever sizes and colors you want
Black felt
Glue gun
Accessories of choice (glasses, hats, etc. — have fun with it!)
Silk flowers (optional)

Here’s what I did:

[this is a very loose tutorial because everyone will probably want to make these their own!]

Start by making some felt bows. I used this easy tutorial and it took me all of ten minutes to cut out my felt and hot glue them together. Hot glue bows on the top of the head or on the bottom if you’re doing a bow-tie.

I had two pairs of fake glasses, so I took the temples off the frames and hot glued the nose piece of the glasses to the front of two pumpkins.

Pumpkin people! No-carve pumpkin idea with craft pumpkins!

I took the hat I had in my costume stash, and added a silk flower to it. I also added a little fake mustache because apparently I wanted my pumpkin to look like Charlie Chaplin. Success?!

Pumpkin people! No-carve pumpkin idea with craft pumpkins!

Everything you need:

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Craft Pumpkins Top Hat Costume Glasses Black Bow

Pumpkin people! No-carve pumpkin idea with craft pumpkins!

That’s pretty much it for the pumpkin people! Super easy. I love the way these give my porch decor some extra personality. I rounded out the porch with a hay bail, silk flowers and some smaller gourds in green and gold. Am I the only one that wants nothing to do with real orange pumpkins? Give me all the pretty craft pumpkins! Especially since they are 40% off making them cheaper than real ones and you can re-use them every year… #budgetfriendly



Pumpkin people! No-carve pumpkin idea with craft pumpkins!

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    Heidi Schilling Fowler

    So fun! Great job.

    Mod Podge Amy

    I love these fun folks! They seem so happy, even though they don’t have mouths or eyes. ha!

    Pam from Over the Big Moon

    This is such a fun idea! All the neighbor kids are going to love it and be over checking it out all the time!