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Bathroom Mini-Makeover

before & after bathroom mini makeover

Hey guys! I am excited to be able to share a house project with you today. I gave my guest bathroom a little makeover a couple months ago in anticipation of having guests come stay with us. I didn’t (and still don’t) have the budget for a complete bathroom renovation but I knew I wanted to brighten things up in there. [Read more...]

Bloom Where You Are Planted + Free Spring Print


As my time in Utah rapidly reaches it’s end, I become more and more terrified of starting over. I’ve lived in Utah since 2003- as an 18 yr old freshman from Connecticut. At first, I felt out of my element at BYU. I was used to being “different” because of my religion and standards. Here in Utah, what defined me before wasn’t what defined me then…I felt a little lost actually. Everyone was incredibly smart, musically talented, well groomed, athletic and the list goes on. I eventually grew to find myself as any young adult would.

After 10+ years of finding myself here in Utah, establishing a family, establishing wonderful relationships and establishing myself as a “blogger and designer,” I am terrified. I will go somewhere where no one knows me. No one knows who I am or what I do. We won’t have any friends in the neighborhood or babysitters who we know and trust. Everything about moving our family of five is overwhelming and daunting. I remember reading this phrase somewhere on Instagram. “Bloom where you are planted.” And I will continue to remind myself that I am capable of “blooming” and being a good neighbor and friend to the people of Seattle. I know everything will be alright and that I need to take these new adventures with a new understanding. Our new adventure will be just that, an adventure where I am in control of my experiences. And I choose to bloom- how about you?

Feel free to download this free print (8×10)!


free “HAPPY” printable

"Do more of what makes you happy" free printables in 8x10 and 4x6

Hey guys, Vanessa here again. I’m gonna be totally honest with you. I’ve been in a rut lately. Ya know those “I just don’t have umph” type of ruts? It’s seemed to spread across all aspects of life. Mothering, Cooking, Creating, Blogging, kinda everything. So I knew that I wanted to liven things up. I’ve started doing things to make my house more cheery and happy to look at, hoping that it would change my mood a little. It’s definitely helping! So I created some fabulous “Do more of what makes you happy” printables for my new HAPPY frame, and today I’m sharing them with you guys. [Read more...]

Getting Ready for a Blog Conference

Hey you guys! We are just so excited about SNAP conference – the blog conference have coming up. It’s going to be the party of the year! Do you guys know that since we started this blog together 2 years ago Jessica and I have seen each other three times? Three. Two of those times were for only about 30 minutes! So, to say we’re excited to hang out for three days is an understatement! BFF! Anyway, there is so much to do to prepare for a conference like this and I always love a good list so let me share with you my to-do list for things to I knew I had to get done before I leave town next week.


1.  Get new business cards made. (Look how pretty! More info on them below.)

2. Update media kit, and have it printed.

3. Actively participate in Facebook group and on Twitter with conference attendees and sponsors. Pre-networking is almost as important as the actual networking at an event! [Read more...]