$100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway | Pretty Providence & Team!

$100 Visa gift card giveaway! Pretty Providence & Team

Do you want $100 to spend on whatever you want? If you answered no, then I don’t know what to say. Get out of here? If you answered yes, then try your luck today for a chance to treat yo self! We’ve teamed up with our beautiful, talented, rad contributors to bring you this giveaway. Here is a little bit about each blog; if you’re not already following these women make sure you check them out. Then of course scroll down and enter using the rafflecopter widget. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!give-01Lemon ThistleFrom Me, With LoveMy Life As MayaOur Thrifty IdeasMandy's Recipe BoxThe Little ThingsWhile Camden SleepsTips from a Typical Mom
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Staying Healthy During Summer Travel

Remember how just this morning Jessica wrote about how hard it is to keep up your healthy habits when you’re traveling in the summer? I have also been visiting family for the past couple weeks and it’s been a doozy trying to eat well when I’m constantly on the go and tempted to eat out at my favorite restaurants for every meal. (I’ve got to fit them all in!) I started to feel kind of off after just a few days being away from home and realized I had not been getting the nutrition I needed, and being pregnant right now I definitely don’t want to be deficient in anything this baby girl needs to grow & be healthy. That is where Silk Almond Protein + Fiber came in. I bought some of this, along with some fruit and other healthy snacks that I could easily take with me as I switch from place to place, and it made an immediate difference in how I felt! I got the vanilla flavor and I really like the way it tastes, too. It’s like a treat. If you’re looking for an easy way to pack in some health on the go, you should try this stuff. You can get a coupon for .75 cents off over on Silk’s facebook page! And you know we are pro-coupons around here. ​ [Read more...]

25+ Amazing Low Calorie Dessert Recipes!

25+ Amazing low calorie dessert ideas!Hey guys! So why are we talking low calorie desserts you might ask? Remember how I told you that I was starting the game on health challenge last Monday? Well I did it, and I had a really great week. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t hard, because it was. We were home in SLC visiting family (we are actually still there) and it is always so much harder eating healthy when you are “on vacation” and don’t have your own kitchen, isn’t it? I am really proud of myself for sticking to it, and I can guarantee you that if I hadn’t been doing the challenge I would have actually gained weight and I lost! Anyway, although I do want to lose weight, the reason behind this challenge for me is to make a lifestyle change. I am a realist enough to know that I cannot (nor do I want to) give up sugar or treats all together. I love celebrating with food, because it makes me happy. I know that can get unhealthy, so I have been on the hunt for ways to make special pick me up treats that fit into our new healthy lifestyle. I thought some of y0u might be interested so I’m sharing the list here today! Even though these desserts are low calorie, they will definitely curb your sweet tooth! [Read more...]

Happy Weekend: Links to Love

happy weekend

Hey you guys! How was everyone’s week? Mine has been truly amazing and I happen to be enjoying some family time at Bear Lake on the Utah/Idaho border RIGHT NOW. I’m probably using pregnancy as an excuse to have Raspberry Shakes for breakfast. Are you jealous? That’s the objective. Kinda. I have been looking forward to this retreat for a long time. Since it’s up in the mountains it rarely gets up above 90 degrees and the lake is always super cold. Just what the doctor ordered! Now how about some dope links to take you into the weekend?

How do we feel about this painted risers idea? I am a fan. Maybe someday I’ll be brave and try it at my house.

I love this rug, and it’s totally affordable! If I save my pennies I can add it to the living room makeover I’m working on.

Literally, this.

Lately I’ve been tempted to buy all the seasons of Gilmore Girls from Amazon. Maybe I’ll buy them one by one, but not watch them yet, and then when this baby comes I’ll have 7 seasons of TV to watch. Or is it cheaper to just buy the complete series? All I know is I need some Rory/Lorelei banter in my life.

I hope you guys have a fab weekend! Until Monday…