Modern Free Printables

Love these five modern free printables!

Have you ever heard/read a quote and thought FREAK YES THAT IS MY LIFE!!?  Well, whenever I do I usually make a printable out of it! Unlesssss of course they happen to be slightly inappropriate or include mild language — those I just text along to my girls.

Since I have quite a collection of the former, and because printables are the greatest form of non-commital art ever, and because its Monday, and because my fave price for home decor is FREE, here are a handful of modern free printables that make a statement. If you feel me on any of these, give a “here here!” and click the link to download.Mean Girls!!! Free printable. [Read more…]

Happy Weekend: Links to Love!

happy weekend, from pretty providenceHappy Saturday everybody! Can you believe Easter is NEXT WEEKEND? I mean seriously! I am doubly excited because it is also General Conference next weekend and triply excited because my whole family is coming into town to party with us! Can I get a woot, woot?!! So being it is my last chance I am going to share some of my very favorite Easter finds with you guys! Here we go…  [Read more…]

Spring Buds Vase Filler

Hello Pretty Providence readers! This is Shonee from Hawthorne and Main and I am excited to be here with you again today!! I am just dying for spring to come! I keep thinking if I make spring projects it will come faster…..haha! Today I wanted to share with you how easy it is to make this spring bud vase filler!!  Who knows maybe it will help?!!

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Faux Leather Skirt Tutorial

Super easy faux leather skirt tutorial! Takes 30 minutes. Perfect beginner's sewing project.

Hey!  It’s Kara from While Camden Sleeps.  Today I’m sharing a quick faux leather skirt tutorial that’s so easy it’s almost a joke.  The key is finding stretchy faux leather material.  I got mine at a swap meet in Huntington Beach, but you could probably use this material too.

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