One piece, three ways.

You all remember my grown-up side tables right? The first real new furniture I’ve bought? Yeah, I still love them. I mentioned before that they were from Sauder furniture which makes super affordable, great looking stuff. They challenged me to show off how I could use one piece of their furniture three different ways. I love this kind of challenge because it makes me think outside the box a little, and don’t all of us budgetistas have to do that on a regular basis? The more creative we get, the more money we can save! (Yes, I made up the word budgetista.) I’m finding myself moving the furniture we do have around a lot lately. Nothing is ever fully settled, and that’s okay. It keeps me from being bored! So without further ado, I’ll show you two new ways I used the side tables. [Read more...]

Free Printable Halloween Straw Flags

FREE printable Halloween straw flags

Hey guys, Vanessa from Our Thrifty Ideas back with another fun printable today. I am SO excited for Halloween this year. My kids are finally old enough to do their own walking for Trick or Treating, we can have a fun party and they are even helping me decorate my house!! Today’s printable is gonna help with anyone who wants to throw a fabulous party or even just for your family’s dinner table.

FREE printable Halloween straw flags

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Maternity Style on a Budget

Maternity dress that ALL pregnant ladies should have! Perfect for spring, summer and fall!

Dress - CardiganShoes

You guys – I have really come to understand how difficult it is to dress a bump. I have always thought that pregnancy is gorgeous and I never got it before when people said finding clothes was hard. I know now. It is so hard to feel cute and to find the right maternity items that will flatter your new, extra super curvy body. It is inevitable that most of us have to buy a few new items during pregnancy and you want to choose wisely so you don’t break the bank on clothes you can only wear for a few months! I’d like to share a few things today that I’ve learned about maternity style on a budget.

The fact that I’ve done most of my growing during the hot hot summer has not made it easy for me. I mean, I’m 10 degrees hotter than everyone else at all times anyway so there is no way I was going to be layering this summer. Behold, the greatest maternity item to ever exist: this dress. It has sleeves and goes down to the knee so I felt comfortable wearing this and only this as an outfit, and just added accessories to it. You can also wear it with layers if it’s spring or fall – in the photo above I am wearing it with a cardigan but that was a rare occasion this summer. It’s available in blue/white stripes, black, salmon or black/gray stripes. It’s only $25 and you will want to wear it every day. I got two. If have to choose just one, I’d go with the black because it is so practical but I loved my blue and white striped one and wore it more – I just like stripes.

I also found that I could wear some non-maternity items. Look for STRETCHY. The skirt I’m wearing below (this is a lake weekend outfit) I have had for five years. I had a few other stretchy skirts and shirts that I wore before I was expecting and am still wearing now. One of my favorites are these tees from DownEast Basics. They’re super cheap too – I have three!

summer maternity style

Shirt – Skirt (old) (similar)Shoes – Hat (old) (similar)

Now that it’s technically fall, but the weather here in Houston is still hot and humid, I’ve been trying to adjust my wardrobe again to find a happy medium between cool and comfortable, and still cute. I feel like layering would fix all of my problems – scarves, drapey cardigans, boots! But alas, I will have to get creative to get fall looks without the layering. Another big issue is that I’m hoping to retire the flip flops soon since they scream summer, but my feet aren’t fitting into a lot of my normal shoes these days! Yikes. I’ve got few ideas on how to make this work without buying ten new pairs, but nothing solid yet. Any suggestions to help a prego out with her fall wardrobe!?


If you like this, check out Jess’s tips for building a maternity wardrobe on a budget.

Bubble Up Carbonara

Hey there! Mandy here from Mandy’s Recipe Box and I have such a delicious recipe for you. It has bacon. That’s really all you need to know. I say it all the time, but when bacon is involved you really can’t go wrong. This Bubble Up Carbonara is so easy to throw together. It’ll make people think you spent loads of time making it when it only takes about 10 minutes to prepare.

Bubble Up Carbonara

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