Bubble Up Carbonara

Hey there! Mandy here from Mandy’s Recipe Box and I have such a delicious recipe for you. It has bacon. That’s really all you need to know. I say it all the time, but when bacon is involved you really can’t go wrong. This Bubble Up Carbonara is so easy to throw together. It’ll make people think you spent loads of time making it when it only takes about 10 minutes to prepare.

Bubble Up Carbonara

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Unbelievably Easy Ice Cream Cake

AMAZING!! Seriously, this ice cream cake is unreal, and it only takes 10 minutes and less than 5 ingredients!

What I am about to share with you is my very favorite dessert. Seriously. I have it every single year on my birthday, since I became a mother I have it every single Mother’s Day, and anytime we are celebrating anything for me this is what I choose. Unbelievably easy ice cream cake is right… it is so simple, I die over it! Also, this recipe is a great one for when you are hosting guests, because you whip it up the night before and then the day of all you have to do is slice and serve! Just make sure there’s enough for seconds, or you’ll have a disappointed crowd ;).  [Read more...]

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Utilities!

Love this post on 10 easy ways to save on utility bills! Actually some great ideas in here. Definitely pinning to remember! Hey guys! I’m super excited to be back posting today with the second post in our how to stretch the family budget series with Pick Up the Values!  Have you signed up for your awesome coupons yet?! If not, go do it right now! 

Today, we are talking about lowering those utility bills! For the longest time, utility bills seemed like one of those things that you just had to pay, and there was really no way around it. Those types of things are hard, because where I live you literally could not survive without air conditioning, and we all use electricity in a million ways… However, over time and with a bit of research I’ve put together a list of easy ways that you CAN reduce your utility costs. While all of these options may not work for you, pick the ones that do, and try your hardest to remember them. It may not make your bill disappear (I wish!) but if you really work to implement these things it will make a significant impact.

You ready for this?

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Utilities:  [Read more...]

Happy Weekend: Links to Love

Oahu Happy Friday everybody! This week has been so l-o-n-g. I mean. Holy cow I swear this week was three weeks at least. But alas, it wasn’t. You know what’s the good thing about weeks like that? The good thing is at least it’s over, lol.

On a side note, do you guys watch the news? I don’t. I used to all the time, but I just am a person who cannot compartmentalize things I guess. I would literally stay up all night worrying about something happening world’s away that I could do next to nothing about. Or crying over the tragic incident that happened a few cities over. Anyway, I was ceasing to be able to function, so I basically stopped altogether. Weird right? Now, Bryce tells me all news items of note second hand. It is easier without the pictures and the details maybe? I have no idea why I am rambling about this? Now you know a random fact about me, haha.

Okay how about some really great links eh? Here we go.

I am OBSESSED with this freezer meal inventory printable! Such a great idea, I can never remember what I still have left, or how long what has been in there. Definitely using this.

This mama is all about Chick-Fil-A, so these copycat Chick-Fil-A nuggets are a must try!

Who doesn’t want a few tips on healthy ways to combat stress?

I love this rustic towel rack DIY made from pallets!

How pretty are these inspirational prints? Especially that first one.. swoon.

Box Pleats are my faveeee. So this tutorial was like gold.

These easy caramel cinnamon rolls are definitely on my menu for next week! Soooo yummy!

Thanks for reading everybody! Happy weekend.




P.S. I’ve been living off this healthy chicken salad recipe… you’re welcome!