Happy Weekend: Links to Love

happy weekend, from pretty providence

Hi you guys! Wow, the last two weeks have been absolutely crazy. I did a HUGE house project and a lot of smaller house projects between work on the big one. To say I’m tired is an understatement! The good news is that pretty much all those things will be appearing right here on the blog in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to share them. This weekend I’ve vowed to take it easy. I’ll probably start putting together a registry of sorts since I haven’t even begun. My baby is due in less than three months. AHHHH! I’m so excited and nervous about all this! Any suggestions for the registry? I have no idea where to start! And I think the next project I will do is the nursery, so that will be fun. Yay for nesting!

Shark Week may be over but with this letterpress poster it doesn’t have to be.

I never knew toaster tongs existed until a few days ago, and now I feel like I can’t live life without them. It’s such a smart idea!

Speaking of the nursery, I want a cactus pillow in there, for sure. The crocheted letter is adorable too!

While doing all my DIY’s I realized I really needed some new beats to keep me going – so I got this song (booty anthems are always good!) the new Neon Trees album (it’s great, it’s only $6 and they came out of Provo, Utah!) and, of course, Taylor Swift’s new one Shake It Off.  Baby girl has been dancing to all of this new music and I can’t speak for her, but I’m assuming she recommends it too.

Yesterday I gave my personal blog a makeover and a new name, maybe you want to check it out!?


Easy D.I.Y. #Hashtag T-Shirts

Super easy DIY #hashtag t-shirts! Make it say whatever you want! Fun girls night idea.. I am so excited to share today’s project with you guys! I mean, who doesn’t want an easy DIY #hashtag t-shirt.. right?? I guess I should start with a little back story.. I have been wanting a Cricut machine for like, ever! When the new Cricut Explore came out, that desire easily quadrupled! The only issue was, they aren’t cheap, and I was nervous that it was going to be super complicated and I would never use it. It’s hard to commit to a big purchase when you don’t know how much you are actually going to like something or use it.. ya know? So then I got the opportunity to enter a contest with Cricut and even though I was super nervous, I knew that committing would force me to actually learn and use the machine.

Well, here I am, showing you my very first project I’ve made with my Explore! You guys. I am seriously DYING over how freaking easy that thing is to use. I was so nervous to break out my machine, and once I did I couldn’t stop! I started with a #bold shirt for my little Nora bean  and I loved it so much that I had my beautiful bff’s come over so they could be my models and we cranked out three customized shirts in like 30 minutes!

Now, before we get down to the details on how to make these shirts, I want to introduce you to my amazing team lucky #13! gold is the new black

We all used the the “gold is the new black” theme to make gold inspired projects with our Cricuts this month!

Click over here to view their awesome projects:

  1. Booties, Earrings, and Hearts from Andrea of Andrea’s Notebook
  2. Children’s shirt and gold sandals from Celina of Petit A Petit and Family
  3. Cut out leather purse with cross lining from Erin & Tricia of Suburban Bitches
  4. Leather cuff from Monica of East Coast Creative
  5. Easy DIY hashtag t-shirts from Jessica of Providence
  6. DIY umbrella and Pineapple Scarf from MJ of Pars Caeli
  7. Leopard leggings and tank from Sadie Jane of Simply Sadie Jane
  8. Laptop decals from Crystal of Sew Creative Blog

OKAY! Now back to our awesome #hashtag shirts! Here is what you need to make yours: [Read more...]

Amazing Bosch Bundle Giveaway!

Button1Hey everybody! We have a super fun giveaway for you today! Here at Pretty Providence we love to give away something that would be hard to spend the money on yourself! I have a Bosch mixer that is a hand me down from my mother in law and I am completely in love with it! But who has the extra money lying around to buy themselves $500 worth of equipment and attachments? So, that is why we chose this giveaway.. something awesome.. completely guilt free!

Not only will the lucky winner be receiving the Bosch mixer with bowl, lid and splash ring, but you will also receive the wire whips attachment, the dough hook, metal driver and cookie paddles, bowl scraper and the Bosch blender. Plus (as if that weren’t enough) we are throwing in 2 artisan non-stick silicone baking mats, an OXO good grips medium cookie scoop, an Ipow 5 piece solid sturdy stainless steel stacking measuring cups set, and a wilton easy flex 3 piece silicone spatula set! WOO HOO!

… Now, wanna meet the amazing group of bloggers who are making this giveaway possible? [Read more...]

Faith Over Fear

I can’t figure out which is more frightening- the known or the unknown. I am a planner- I am not spontaneous unfortunately for my husband. I like to know what I am doing and when I am doing it at least 24 hrs in advance and most preferably a few days before. And now my family and I are in limbo, waiting on others to let us know what the future will bring us. We can’t make any decisions without knowing all the facts first. The fear of the unknown is weighing on us and at times it is crippling. In a few days we will know more facts and will be able to make more decisions but those decisions are also frightening. Has anyone else felt like this?


It is times like these where I need to remember that I shouldn’t focus on the fear. I need to have faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to even if that means it could be heartbreaking. Faith need not be solely a religious thing but can even be a spiritual or even hopeful feeling. Hope is light. Faith can be present as an ever so small speck of light in complete darkness. But there is still light. There is still faith and hope in any situation.


Everyone around us is fighting their own personal struggles. No matter what they are, we need to remember to have that little speck of light, of hope, of faith, to help us move forward. I hope this quote can help you remember to find that light and let your faith be bigger than your fears. Get yours here if you have an iPhone 5 series or here if you have a 4 series. Or if you’d like to put it up on your wall you can download this as an 8×10 print.


XOXO, Brenda