Happy Weekend: Links to Love

happy weekend

Hey you guys! How was everyone’s week? Mine has been truly amazing and I happen to be enjoying some family time at Bear Lake on the Utah/Idaho border RIGHT NOW. I’m probably using pregnancy as an excuse to have Raspberry Shakes for breakfast. Are you jealous? That’s the objective. Kinda. I have been looking forward to this retreat for a long time. Since it’s up in the mountains it rarely gets up above 90 degrees and the lake is always super cold. Just what the doctor ordered! Now how about some dope links to take you into the weekend?

How do we feel about this painted risers idea? I am a fan. Maybe someday I’ll be brave and try it at my house.

I love this rug, and it’s totally affordable! If I save my pennies I can add it to the living room makeover I’m working on.

Literally, this.

Lately I’ve been tempted to buy all the seasons of Gilmore Girls from Amazon. Maybe I’ll buy them one by one, but not watch them yet, and then when this baby comes I’ll have 7 seasons of TV to watch. Or is it cheaper to just buy the complete series? All I know is I need some Rory/Lorelei banter in my life.

I hope you guys have a fab weekend! Until Monday…


DIY Peter Pan Collar

 Hey!  It’s Kara from While Camden Sleeps here to share another sewing project with you.

 Peter pan collars came back in a few seasons ago and I’ve had them on my list as a DIY project for some time now.  I’m glad I finally jumped in and did it because I loved the result!

 The first thing I did was use the shirt to help me create a custom pattern, you can see the steps below.

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Growing Up with Sauder Furniture

I’d like to thank Sauder Furniture for sponsoring this post. All thoughts & opinions are mine and I’m always honest with y’all.

Do you all remember when I wrote that I didn’t know what to do with my orangey-brown couches? They’re really good pieces of furniture, handed down from family, but I just don’t do those tones usually so I felt stuck and didn’t really try to decorate around them for a while. Add the fact that we had virtually no other furniture and were using TV trays as side tables meant we had a pretty sorry looking living room! But recently I learned about a company called Sauder  that sells really affordable, good-looking stuff so I am excited to get a chance to review them! We had been looking for some side tables for months and hadn’t found anything that we both liked and could afford.  The tables we ended up with were chosen because they were only $99 apiece and I love how classic they are. I think I could use them in any room in my house and they would look great. [Read more...]

DIY Modern Wood + Geometric Wall Art

modern wood + geometric wall art

You guys, I’m working on finally putting up some photos and art in my house. I’ve been dragging my feet and just not deciding what to do with my walls for months but it’s time. I want a variety of different things to make up a frame wall, and really wanted something geometric, something with natural wood, so I figured – why not put those two things together? I was also really inspired by our contributor Brenda’s ombre valentine’s day print so I decided to use her design as a kind of template! If you want to make this easy DIY art too, here’s how I went about it: [Read more...]