Happy Weekend: Christmas Break!

nora I am feeling so nostalgic today, because my baby girl is TWO YEARS OLD. I mean. How. Did. This. Happen? She is such a sweet little babe and has been from day one. The other day I was putting her down for her nap and she said “Christmas song, Mama?” So I started singing Mary’s song, and suddenly I was just sobbing like a baby. Somehow that whole combination of circumstances brought me right back to Christmastime two years ago.. the best Christmas we have ever had in our 7 years together. We were all alone, away from family, just our new little family of four. Christmas was so stripped down. I didn’t do Christmas cards. We didn’t do neighbor gifts. We didn’t have a big meal.

We did have our decorations up, we did have each other, and we did have the incredible gift of a beautiful new baby girl.

Nora had reflux when she was born, just like Luke, so for her first few weeks of life I took the night shift with her and we slept (on and off) on the couch together under the glow of the Christmas tree. Both years since then when putting up my tree I think back to those first sweet nights that Nora and I spent together. Something about having a new baby at Christmastime just helps you to reflect on how impossible it must have been for our Heavenly Father to send His son down to an earth that would crucify Him. I am so grateful that He did, I feel blessed by that gift every day.

We will be heading up to visit family in the next few days, and Sarah and I have decided to give ourselves next week completely “off” so that we can fully enjoy this special time of year without worrying about emails, facebook updates, and all the other crazy, never ending tasks that come with working for yourself from home :). This is the one and only week we take off all year, and we really appreciate your patience and support as we rest up for another amazing year!

We love you all, and wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas season! We will see you right back here on Monday the 29th!



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New Family, New Place, New Holiday Traditions!

This is the first year that I will be spending Christmas anywhere but Salt Lake City. There will be no snow in sight! I am excited for my first Texas Christmas with my husband and new baby girl but it will definitely take effort to make it feel special since we won’t get to take part in our normal family parties and traditions. My husband and I do have a few of our own traditions already, like wearing ugly sweaters every chance we get, making homemade ornaments and stringing popcorn while we watch all the classic holiday movies (A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Elf, The Grinch!) but being the Christmas fanatic that I am, I want to make sure we are getting festive every day.

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This post brought to you by UPS. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Pretty Providence.

So, you guys remember the #WishesDelivered site? The one where UPS donates $1 to charity (up to 100k) for every #WishesDelivered hashtag posted on twitter or instagram? Well today I wanted to share a little video with you that has footage from some wishes that UPS recently fulfilled so you could see for yourself what I have been so geared up about.

Isn’t that amazing?

There is STILL TIME for your to submit your own wish via Twitter or Instagram and all you have to do is post your wish with the #WishesDelivered! If you do post a wish, let me know in the comments, I would love to check it out!

So.. What’s your wish?F1ba34db-b496-4e4e-8414-9fa9fb2e33d9_zpse44a3430



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2015 Printable New Years Party Pack

Hey everyone, Vanessa from Our Thrifty Ideas here. I can’t believe that the month is almost over which means that the YEAR is almost over. That’s so crazy. But I am excited for the party; who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate!?!!

2015 New Years Party Printable Pack

So today I’m sharing a fun, festive and super easy printable with you all. For some reason I think of gold and glitter when it comes to New Years, so what better way to use those than in polka dots on the decor pieces. This New Years Party Pack is classy and fun at the same time. [Read more...]