Piña Colada Popcorn


Hey you guys! Did you see my pineapple themed party yesterday? One of the treats at the party was this amazing Piña Colada Popcorn and today I’m sharing the recipe over at 3o Handmade Days! You are going to want to go check it out and check your pantry so you can make it ASAP. It’s the perfect summer treat!

Go HERE for the recipe!

Pineapple Party

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Pineapple party ideas!

Hey hey! Today I am excited to finally be sharing this little pineapple party I threw last month. Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits and it’s so trendy right now – I mean I may have just bought June an entire pineapple printed outfit. But anyway, I love finding little things to celebrate with family and friends, so something as simple as pineapple season is an excuse for a party! These ideas can be done on a smaller scale for a fun family night, or you could invite your extended family or friends over for a big event!

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6 Tips for Staying Confident with a Postpartum Body

Hey guys! I cannot believe it, but baby Liam is going to be six weeks old this coming Sunday! I mean, WHERE does the time go? Life is always a blur, but when you add a newborn to the mix, things get strait up crazy! This is my third child, and thus my third time going through the whole pregnancy/labor/postpartum cycle. We were WAY more prepared for the postpartum part this go around, (check out my tips on how to make the post partum period easier for that) but there was one part about this pregnancy that was definitely more difficult. Simply put, I was way bigger this go around.

I started out weighing more than I did with either of my other two pregnancies, this baby stayed in longer than either of my other two, three babies in four years, I’m getting older, whatever you want to blame it on, my body just did not handle this pregnancy the same as the other two. Plus, let’s face it, pregnancy just does a number on your body no matter who you are or what your situation is! So, now that I have done the whole “body after baby” thing three times, I thought I would share a few tips on how I stay confident after that sweet little one arrives, and your pre baby body didn’t come with it! Everyone is different, but even if I help one person have an easier time post-partum, this post will be worth it. [Read more…]

Surprise Breakfast Picnic + Free Printable Picnic Invitations

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I love this "surprise" picnic idea! The free printable picnic invites are super cute too. Great way to get together with friends with minimal cost and mess! Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you are all out celebrating with loved ones. Memorial Day always feels like the official start of Summer to me, and since schools around here got out on Thursday, I feel totally justified in that! Family outings are a bit harder now with our 3rd little still being so young, but last weekend I wanted to get the family out of the house to do something fun. We were all so. cooped. up. I wanted something that would get the little ones excited and all of us out of the house, without it being a germy/stressful atmosphere or taking a ton of prep. I decided on a “surprise breakfast picnic” and it was such a hit!

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