Faux Leather Skirt Tutorial

Super easy faux leather skirt tutorial! Takes 30 minutes. Perfect beginner's sewing project.

Hey!  It’s Kara from While Camden Sleeps.  Today I’m sharing a quick faux leather skirt tutorial that’s so easy it’s almost a joke.  The key is finding stretchy faux leather material.  I got mine at a swap meet in Huntington Beach, but you could probably use this material too.

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The Best Seven Layer Bean Dip

Best seven layer dip ever! There is a secret ingredient that takes this to another LEVEL.

Where are my seven layer bean dip lovers at? There are few things that get me excited like this stuff does. I have always loved it, but as I’ve made it over and over throughout the years I’ve really worked my recipe into what I think is the BEST seven layer bean dip ever. There is actually a secret ingredient in it that most people don’t add that just takes this dip to another level. Can you spot it in the pic below?  [Read more…]

Spring Must-Haves Under $25

Spring must-haves under $25! prettyprovidence.com

With spring officially here, it’s time to start updating your wardrobe and selecting the pieces that are going to be your go-to’s for the warmer months. One of my favorite ways to do a wardrobe update is to limit myself to pieces within a certain price range – this makes it way easier to shop, stay on budget, and walk away with clothing that I won’t regret later on. Now, the next key to successful frugal fashionista wardrobe updating is knowing where to shop. I happen to be a huge lover of Target – their prices are low and their quality is high, so for today’s Spring must-haves under $25 I took to Target to sort through the pages and pages of goodies to pull the absolute best priced pieces for you guys.

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$1,750 World Market Gift Card Room Makeover Giveaway!


Helllloooooo party people! Get pumped up because we have a seriously amazing giveaway opportunity for you today! Is anyone else going crazy with the spring fever? I swear every spring I want to clean out/dejunk my house and also buy everything new! Haha. The second part never happens, but hey, a girl can dream right? I am so excited because today we are bringing one of you lucky readers the opportunity to do just that! With $1,750 to World Market you could get something to spruce up every single room in your house! Or, you could completely makeover a room!

Speaking of making over a room.. we thought it would be super fun to show you guys what we would do if we won the gift card, so we had our extremely talented friend Kelsey from The Wells Collection put together a design board showing a possible dining room you could create with the gift card money! [Read more…]