His & Hers Valentines Day Giveaway! ($600 value)


Valentines is just around the corner and at least at my house, hubby doesn’t get super excited about this holiday, haha. He is pretty frugal so he doesn’t want me to buy him anything, but then of course he wants to/feels like he should get me something, and then I always feel bad! Anyway, I was just thinking how awesome it would be to be able to give him a $300 gift card not from our bank account, and take care of my own gift as well! One of you lucky duckies will get that chance!

How does a Valentine’s Day His & Hers Gift Card Giveaway sound?  $300 Gift Card for Him and a $300 Gift Card for Her ($600 Value)! Awesome, right?

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Happy Weekend: Links to Love

St. Thomas weekend

Hi homies! As you may have noticed, we are back to five regular posts per week so Links to Love is going to be on Saturdays now.

This weekend my little sister is visiting. She’s 7 years younger than me and the fact that she’s in college now makes me feel old. That, and the fact that I haven’t heard of any of the boy bands she listens to (except one direction – I don’t live under a rock…) We’re also going to bless my little baby girl at church tomorrow so that’s going to be really great.

I love love love this skirt. It’s on sale ($26!) and would be so perfect for a Valentine’s date!

So you’ve probably seen @TargetDoesItAgain on Instagram, but have you seen @WhoaWaitWalmart? New fave. And I think @omgliterallydead is hilarious.

I’m going to slowly collect all these BabyLit books for Junebug’s library. They’re too cute for words.

I have an obsession with Loretta Lynn right now. I first got this tribute album and fell in love, so my husband got me her billboard hits for Christmas and now I’m about to watch the movie about her. 

I really liked this article – 10 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Incredibly Happy. I really like the suggestion of planning a trip – even if you don’t end up going! Haha. Having something to look forward to does make a lot of difference. Which is why I chose the photo above. It’s from my last caribbean cruise a few years ago, reminding me that I will be cruising again in May with my family. I absolutely cannot wait! Some people love cruises and some hate them. I’ve been on three, and love them because they’re a relaxed, affordable way to see multiple places. I like downtime on the ship as much as being in-port. Also, the dinners have always been amazing on the ships I’ve been on. I do get a little sick of the breakfast/lunch buffet food by the end of a week though. What about you? Do you like to cruise?!


DIY Valentines Day Feather Heart

Hello Pretty Providence readers!! This is Shonee from Hawthorne and Main, and I am so so excited to be here with you today!

Valentines day is just around the corner.  At my house I usually don’t go all out and decorate for valentines day but I do like to add a few bits of red here and there.  Today I am going to show you how to make this feather heart with the black and white stripped board.  It is sure to get you in the Valentines day mood!!! [Read more...]

Three Reasons To Try Fabric Dye

Fabric dye can save you from having to toss out old clothing by making it look new again!

It’s Kara from While Camden Sleeps and today I want to talk about the easiest and fastest way to make a dramatic change in an item of clothing–fabric dye.  This stuff can literally save you from having to toss out old clothing by making it look new again, like the dress above.  Can you believe that’s the same dress in both pictures?

I’m big on refashioning clothes.  If you are new to that term, it basically means that I take old and outdated pieces and alter them into cute new styles.  Most of what I do involves sewing alterations, but I have found dye to be incredibly efficient in updating older pieces.  The best part is, anyone can do it!  It’s so easy!

From my personal experience, I want to share three reasons why you should try out fabric dye.

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