The Four Most Common Interior Design Faux Pas… and How to Fix Them!

We are so, so excited to introduce y’all to our newest contributor, and first ever interior design contributor, Kelsey  Wells of The Wells Collection. Kelsey studied interior design at Brigham Young University, then got a job as a designer at Ethan Allen, and recently left to start her own design business. She is a wealth of design knowledge and DIY projects and we cannot wait for you to “meet” her! Her blog is brand, brand new, so be sure to give her some love! Oh, she is also Jess’s sister!The four biggest interior design faux pas!  Okay, EVERYONE needs to read this post! I have never had anyone be able to explain this stuff to me as clearly and visually as she does.. pinning to remember!Rules are meant to be broken, right?

Don’t wear white after labor day.. no candybars for breakfast.. shower daily (girl, please).. don’t wear black with blue.. no jumping on the bed.. I call BS. On the other hand, however, socks should NEVER be worn with sandals. And leggings really should never be worn as pants. Really.

While there are plenty of rules in interior design I feel I had to learn just so I can break them, today’s post is about the ones that are in the “no socks with sandals” camp. Because although ignorance can be bliss, when I come home and realize I have been walking around with my baby’s poop all over my blouse (that smell WAS me), ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is embarrassment, and why couldn’t someone just tell me?!

Well, this is me telling you. Today I am your interior-design sister or BFF, and I’ve got your back. PLEASE know my intentions for this post are certainly not to offend anyone, I simply feel these things are too easy to fix not to be shared. SO, without further ad0 I give you…


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Five Favorite Fall Things (Under $5) – VLOG!

You guys! It’s my first VLOG! Exciting, right? I’m so dorktastic and since this was my first time making a video it was quite the adventure getting it all put together. I had so much fun doing it though and Jessica and I plan to keep bringing y’all fun videos through our YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any!

So to introduce today’s particular vlog — some of my friends and I decided to all share our five favorite fall things, but put our own spin on them because we all have different blog niches. Naturally, all of my things are under $5 – it’s fall things for cheapskates! Haha. Seriously though, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to bring a little festivity into your life so that’s what I kept in mind when I was choosing which things to share today. If you like the video I’d love it if you gave it a thumbs up, a comment and/or subscribed to the channel! Also, don’t forget to check out all the other ladies I’ve collaborated with to see what their five faves are. I’ve posted their links just below.

I need you guys to know that I just watched them all and I kept laughing out loud just sitting here by myself. Also, have pity on us Houston girls because the climate here doesn’t allow us to experience fall so we have to get creative. There are so many fun “fave things” in these videos though, and lots that I never would have thought of! So anyway, check ‘em out.

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10 Quick, Crazy Good Freezer Meal Recipes + Details and Shopping List!

We’d like to thank Pick up the Values for sponsoring this post! We love their site, and appreciate their willingness to help families stick to their budgets by offering high value coupons. Also, thank YOU for supporting our sponsors! 10 quick, crazy good freezer meals! Okay, I made two of each of these freezer meals last Saturday (for a total of 20 meals), it only cost me $210 and my freezer went from empty to fully stocked! Plus the meals we've tried so far have been seriously good! Hey everybody! I am SO excited about today’s post, because easy freezer meals are something that I believe in, because they’ve made my life so much easier! As a busy working mom, getting dinner on the table is sometimes too much for me at the end of the day, and on those days we typically end up getting take out, which kills the budget. The only real way I’ve found to combat this problem is by keeping my freezer stocked with easy and delicious meals that allow me to feel proud of what I put on the table with barely any effort.

All of the meals I’m sharing today are tried and tested family favorites. Seven of the ten meals require no pre cooking, you are basically just dumping all the ingredients into freezer bags, and those bags will eventually end up in the crock pot. The other three meals (taco soup, breakfast muffins, and meatballs) are pre cooked, and all they need is thawing and warming when ready to use. Obviously having to cook them takes a bit more effort up front, but I love having a healthy on the go breakfast and lunch options with the muffins and the soup, and the meatballs are my husbands all time favorite food I make, and it ends up being easier for me to make a huge batch and keep in the freezer for six months than having to make them ten times in 6 months.. ya know? Also, you will notice that I have a variety of types of meals as well as meats in this grouping of recipes. With how often we use freezer meals I need that diversity in order to not get sick of them.

Before I get down to the recipes, I’m gonna give you a run-down of how my freezer sessions typically go, and let you in on all my best secrets!

1) Any time I do a freezer cooking day I make at least 2 of each recipe (so on the day I did the meals below I made two of each recipe for a total of 20+ meals). It is counterproductive and ineffective cost wise to only make one meal of each. You could pick five of your favorite recipes and make 3 of each for a total of 15, or whatever combination you want, but if you are already making one meal it is easy to duplicate it in another bag at the same time, so never make just one of any freezer meal.

2) Buy the good freezer zip lock bags. I am not snobby and I buy generic on most things, but I have found that freezer bags are not where you want to skip. Don’t ruin all your hard work on bags that won’t hold up.

3) Label all the bags before you start. You can see in my pictures below I labeled bags with the recipe name and the date it was made, but if I am making a meal that I am unfamiliar with, I also write the directions on the bag so I don’t have to look anything up when I’m ready to use the meal.

4) If possible, do this when you are childless. I have done it both ways (with my kids present, and without them) and like anything with children it takes me 2-3 times longer if they’re around. Now, if I am doing a smaller session I’ll do it right after they go to bed, and for large sessions like these I’ll take a whole Saturday morning and shop, prep, clean up all at once while my husband takes the kids.

5) Leave the mess until you’re done. I am typically a clean as I go type of person, but in this case the most productive path is to leave the mess and move onto the next meal, then clean all at once at the end.

6) If I am making two batches of a meal here is how it would go: I would open two freezer bags and fill them at the same time. Zip the bags closed with as little air left as possible. Smoosh the contents of the bag around and lay the bags as flat as possible to ensure they freeze evenly (this makes for easy storage and space conservation).

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Happy Weekend: Links to Love


Happiest Weekend! What are you up to? I’m busy trying to put together a nursery for this pending arrival that will also function as a guest room for the moms when they visit! I started this week off with a little “Sunday night panic” – where I started thinking about everything I thought I should do throughout the week and it was way too much. Do you ever do that?! Lists upon lists were being made in my head. I finally got myself together though and Monday morning I really burned through a lot of that stuff setting a good pace for the rest of the week so I’m feeling pretty good, but there’s still much to do. In other good news, my husband found a Groupon for a cleaning service and they came and cleaned our house yesterday. AMAZING. He’s the freaking bomb. At 37 weeks pregnant (full-term, woohoo!) that gesture meant a lot to me. I’m still full-on nesting though! It is so hard to force myself to rest when all I want to do is organize all the things. 

Speaking of organizing, I love these room essentials organizing shelves. They’re so cheap and help a ton to keep things in their place!

These shoes are so cute – and on clearance!

I don’t know why I don’t own this yet at only $5.

This blog is super powerful and I love how brave the author is for sharing her experience with depression.

I’ve been reading this book for the past month-ish and I LOVE IT. Highly recommend for anyone expecting their first babe!

I hope you have a fab weekend!