Wrapping Paper Storage Idea

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Hello Pretty Providence readers! This is Shonee from Hawthorne and Main and I am super excited to be here with you today!!!
Next month my hubby and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary, say whaaaattt?? I can’t be that old, right?! Since we have been married we have moved a lot.  For the most part we have lived in teeny tiny apartments. Because of this we were not able to move all of our belongings with us.  Luckily my parents have been gracious enough to keep it for us.
Last year we bought our first home.
Awesome right!
It was at that time that my parents decided it was time for us to finally take home all of our stuff that they had been storing for the past 10  years.
Wow did we have a lot of stuff!!
This year, for me,  is all about getting organized and dejunking!! I hate clutter, but at the same time all of my stuff is oh so important!
I can’t just get rid of it- ya know what I mean!!
So instead, I am finding ways to organize what I need and get rid of the rest. Hopefully I will regain control of my garage!
Today I am sharing this wrapping paper storage idea with you!

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DIY Knit Circle Skirt

DIY Knit Circle Skirt, just cut circle and add a waistband! Full tutorial on blogHello Pretty Providence Readers!

I recently posted a tutorial on my blog about how to make a tulle circle skirt.  After making it, I realized that I kind of did it backwards by making multilayer circle skirt first before ever making a basic one.  Circle skirts are so easy!  In fact, they just might be the easiest skirt to make. All you have to do is cut the fabric and attach a waistband.

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5-Ingredient Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread - only 5 ingredients!! So delish.

Oh my goodness do I have a treat for you today. Literally, a treat. Have you ever had monkey bread? I tried it for the first time a few thanksgivings ago and now it is our go-to for a special occasion breakfast. This monkey bread recipe is also so easy and only requires 5 ingredients! It’s the best! Let’s just get right down to the good stuff.  [Read more...]

Frugal Fashion Roundup: Boho Babe Style

PicMonkey Collagefin

I have been having some serious warm-weather cravings as of late, and with my Spring dreaming comes a whole lot of excitement over the new pieces appearing in stores for the upcoming season. Something about sunny, longer days makes me gravitate towards fringe, lace, crochets, and florals; bohemian vibes and hippie-inspired shoulder-baring pieces. I’ve gone ahead and picked out some of the best-priced boho style pieces to share with you babes, from fringe booties under $40 to a beaded vintage-look bib necklace under $20! Think lace scalloped shorts, geo-patterned espadrille platforms, and fringed crossbody bags at frugal fashionista prices. Excited? You should be! [Read more...]