DIY Looped Burlap Wreath

DIY burlap wreath.  Takes less than 15 minutes and doesn't require any glue.


Hello Everyone!

It’s Kara again from While Camden Sleeps.  My husband and I recently listed our house for sell.  The outside was looking awesome after some fresh paint, but it still needed a touch of decor to make it really pop.  So I  went on a search for a new wreath.  After shopping around, I quickly learned that wreaths are ridiculously over priced. This made me decide to make my own.  The one pictured above cost just under $20 in supplies from Hobby Lobby.  If you want a cheaper version, you can get the supplies at Walmart for around $10, though the decorations won’t be as cute.

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Save Money at Target with In-Store Pickup


You guys remember when I told you how to save money at Target like a boss with their cartwheel app? Well I’m here to tell you about another life-changing Target tool that we can use to save money, time and most importantly – make life easier. Hello, Target Store Pickup.

I tried store pickup for the first time today and I am hooked. Let’s just say, hypothetically, that this prego went to Target four times last week and spent more money than she was planning on because the clearances were just so full of good things. Okay, it really happened. All of the times I went for just one item, and walked out with a lot more than that. I didn’t spend that much money because like I said, it was all clearance and it was all really stuff we needed. (NESTING.) But, nonetheless, I needed to be grounded from going there this week because my nesting budget for this pay period had now been spent. Today I needed something though, so I went online to see if my store had it, bought it online and used the store pickup option. Then I walked into the store, went straight to customer service without passing go, collecting $200 or stopping at the one spot, and walked out with my purchase with nary an impulse buy to speak of. It was so easy. [Read more...]

What Can’t a BAND-AID® Brand Bandage Fix?

This post brought to you by BAND-AID® Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

luke-loves-band-aids-shopSo, we typically don’t do review type of posts on the blog, but I recieved a package of the new Isaac Mizrahi BAND-AID® Brand bandages, and they’ve been SUCH a hit with my kids, I can’t help posting about them.

Anytime we get a package in the mail Luke and Nora get super jazzed up, and then it’s usually nothing too exciting, haha. So this time they were all geared up to help me open it and as soon as they can see the box Luke says “Mom! Sticker BAND-AID®’s!” and proceeded to beg for one. Kids man, I have no idea why I buy toys at all? Oh, and I’m crediting the sticker reference to the pretty designs. [Read more...]

The Four Most Common Interior Design Faux Pas… and How to Fix Them!

We are so, so excited to introduce y’all to our newest contributor, and first ever interior design contributor, Kelsey  Wells of The Wells Collection. Kelsey studied interior design at Brigham Young University, then got a job as a designer at Ethan Allen, and recently left to start her own design business. She is a wealth of design knowledge and DIY projects and we cannot wait for you to “meet” her! Her blog is brand, brand new, so be sure to give her some love! Oh, she is also Jess’s sister!The four biggest interior design faux pas!  Okay, EVERYONE needs to read this post! I have never had anyone be able to explain this stuff to me as clearly and visually as she does.. pinning to remember!Rules are meant to be broken, right?

Don’t wear white after labor day.. no candybars for breakfast.. shower daily (girl, please).. don’t wear black with blue.. no jumping on the bed.. I call BS. On the other hand, however, socks should NEVER be worn with sandals. And leggings really should never be worn as pants. Really.

While there are plenty of rules in interior design I feel I had to learn just so I can break them, today’s post is about the ones that are in the “no socks with sandals” camp. Because although ignorance can be bliss, when I come home and realize I have been walking around with my baby’s poop all over my blouse (that smell WAS me), ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is embarrassment, and why couldn’t someone just tell me?!

Well, this is me telling you. Today I am your interior-design sister or BFF, and I’ve got your back. PLEASE know my intentions for this post are certainly not to offend anyone, I simply feel these things are too easy to fix not to be shared. SO, without further ad0 I give you…


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